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Hi thеrе! Tоdау I will tаlk аbоut а prоjесt cаlled Tеcra Cоin. This prоject wаnts to create a research and innovation holding, which will create all conditions for marketing and research of future technologies. Let us now in more details about him.

Great Platform for A Variety of Workers

Tecracoin is a great platform for any kind of professions. For example, it is great for a scientist who wants to make a worth it investment in their ideas. As a result, they will get more capital from their ideas through patents. The most important thing, the process is much easier along with the help of Tecracoin.

Tecracoin is also useful for investors who want to raise their capital. In this case, you can learn more about patent and the way to sell the value of the ideas. The investors will be connected to the potential companies to achieve the goals.

Tecracoin is also developed for the community of miners. The miners get a revolutionary platform which can help to raise capital in the most comfortable and safest way.

Investment in Graphene

One of the important things from this platform is an investment in graphene. This is considered as a technology which can be commercialized easily. Due to this finding, the developer has patented production methods. Later, this material is able to use in a variety of applications such as the making of motorbike helmet, polymer fiber, and water ultrafiltration membrane.



Interestingly, Tecracoin is not only developed for the benefits of the users but also for all people around the world. For example, this platform has developed a new technology known as white light in which it is useful for agriculture. There is also a technology known as high-power lighting to reduce emission problem. Later, high-power lighting can be applied in the street, sports halls, and any kind of large areas.


Flexible Investment

Another benefit of using Tecracoin is on its flexibility in offering an investment. For example, the investors are able to take the early investment at the lowest price. Moreover, you can also increase your ownership by running master nodes. By using this investment, the investors are helping the developer to build the infrastructure to run the blockchain and platform maximally. Even, you can choose to be a small investor. As long as you care about high-tech inventions, you are allowed to join the investment and use the platform.

Because this platform is supported by blockchain technology, the users will be supported by cryptocurrency or token. In specific, the users are using TCR tokens which can be used to develop the projects offered by the platform.


Rewards and a Safe Wallet

The users get more benefits and one of them is rewards. There will be a variety of rewards based on the projects. Moreover, the users are supported by a new wallet design. The wallet is compatible with mobile, desktop, and website. The improvement is not only for a comfortable investment but also for a safe investment.
Finally, the users can get what they want when they are investing through this platform.



  • Currency code: TCR
  • Currency name: TecraCoin
  • Consensus algorithm: PoW
  • PoW block reward: 112.5 TCR lowering very halving period by 50%
  • Halving interval: 840000 blocks, ~4 years
  • Block time: 2.5min (DGW3)
  • Total Coin Supply: 210 000 000 TCR
  • Coins in premine: 21 000 000 TCR
  • Tnode requirement: 10 000 TCR
  • Tnode reward activation block: 600
  • Block Size: 2MB
  • Recommended number of transaction confirmations: 24
  • Maturity: 400
  • Proof-of-Work algorithm: Lyra2z: Blake256 first round and Lyra2 (timecost = 8, r=c=8)
  • Features: Zerocoin, Masternodes (PoSe)


Road Map


Project Team



Blockchain and its side-kick cryptocurrencies are true revolutions themselves. There might be others as the time passed and there might happen other innovations as well. However, the real power lies within the concepts which are able to converge those developments. TecraCoin project is a brilliant idea in the first place. Creating a playground for the scientific researches and their commercial consequences is not only a brilliant initiative but also an obligation for these days.


  • A support ground for science and discovery
  • The direct link between patents and business
  • Commercialization is at hand
  • It is a research centre itself (Check the patents here)
  • A community promoting working method
  • A charming point for investors
  • Well-seasoned, professional team

What else one can demand from a project? I found it exciting and invigorating at the end. And I can't wait to see TecraCoin in fully operating. I, myself, am a tech and science addict and I feel deeply about blockchain and crypt assets. Therefore, when I encounter with the projects beautifully designed to promote both science and tech, I become attracted no matter what. In addition to those, TecraCoin cares about its community and investors. Truly an encouraging project and honestly wish them good luck.


Official resources of the project:

WEBSITE: https://tecracoin.io
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/G0cfwFLm0ZgYwQenGrjuCg
WHITEPAPER: https://tecracoin.io/files/WhitePaper-TecraCoin.pdf
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5059685
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tecracoin/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TecraCoin
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@tecracoin
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/TecraCoin/
DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/zt5Asph
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJXo9dzVn-R7lphyNa-jVsg
GITHUB: https://github.com/tecracoin/tecracoin

MY BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2591563

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