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Granular Activated Carbon Market 2019 Analysis, Size, Share, Strategies And Forecast


The project concept is to launch an innovative production of activated carbon with help of the technology of using raw materials with a high carbon content. Development and introduction into production of a fundamentally new technology for the production of activated carbon, which avoids such a significant impact on the environment and at the same time allows to produce activated carbon that meets the high standards set by the world’s leading manufacturers. The entire GPM Carbon ecosystem will be rebuilt with the use of blockchain technology. This will ensure maximum flexibility and security of all transactions in the company.

GPMCoin is not subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Outstanding prospects for the acquisition of GPMCoin in the early stages of the project. Full transparency of investment and implementation of all stages of the project. Each participant can receive a finished product (activated carbon) for the purchased GPMCoin. Open project information completely. Team members undergo the KYC procedure through trusted sources. Due to its physical and chemical properties, activated carbon is a unique and ideal purification material. At present, it is difficult to mention the economic sectors where this unique adsorbent is not used. In fact, this is the second material after iron in its wide application. Activated carbon is a material with a porous structure developed, 87-97% according to mass consists of carbon. Activated carbon is obtained by activating a carbon fracture material. Activation is the thermal treatment of carbon fracture material under special conditions, which leads to the formation of many pores, cracks and cracks, and is accompanied by a significant increase in pore surface per unit mass of the target product. The specific surface area of activated carbon is its most important adsorption characteristic.


The purpose of the Carbon project is to organize the production of activated carbon in accordance with the developed environmentally friendly technology (see Description and technical description above) and to provide related services to consumers through the implementation of a vertically integrated structure.


1. Technology: For the successful implementation of the project, we have a patented innovative technology for the production of the product with the exclusive right to use it.
2. Raw Materials: Always available in the required quantity. The quality of raw materials required for the production of activated carbon is one of the best in the world.
3. Price Reduction: The production of a product using our technology significantly reduces its cost compared to the cost of major global manufacturers
4. Willingness To Start Production: Availability of prepared technological premises. Highly staffed staff. One hundred percent readiness to start production.


The entire GPM Carbon ecosystem will be rebuilt using blockchain technology. This will provide maximum flexibility and security for all transactions in the company. At the stage of launching the product line under the GPM Carbon brand, all products will be marked and entered into the blockchain registry.


a. Water Resources Pollution:

Factor leading to changes in the properties of water resources (chemical, physical and biological) as a result of human activities. This problem is global-it is talked about and told by many people in this industry and it needs to be solved!

b. Soil pollution:

Factor affecting the accumulation of chemicals in soils and grounds as a result of economic and other activities in quantities that degrade the quality of soils and grounds and represent a potential danger to public health and the environment. This problem has been widely covered in reports and articles such as:

• FAO 2018: Soil Pollution: A Hidden Reality

• Soil Management Review

• UK Environment Agency: Land contamination

• Land degradation threatens human well being, major report warns by Jonathan Watts. The Guardian, March 26, 2018. Over 3.2 billion people are at risk from soil erosion, vegetation loss, and other forms of land degradation.

• One fifth of China’s farmland polluted by Jennifer Duggan. The Guardian, April 14, 2014.

• Likely Spread of Deserts to Fertile Land Requires Quick Response, U.N. Report Says by Elisabeth Rosenthal. The New York Times, June 28, 2007.

• Soil erosion as big a problem as global warming, say scientists by Tim Radford, The Guardian, and February 14, 2004.

• Illness linked to contaminated land: BBC News, 23 June 2003. Can we ever truly know the health impacts linked with polluted land?

c. Contamination Of Food:

The process of contamination of food products with radionuclides and nitrates, leading to deterioration in the health of consumers of such food, their development of chronic diseases and premature death.


● Industrial-oriented blockchain project

● Based on real production

● Full transparency at all stages

● Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product

● The opportunity to become the owner of a raw token

● Full payback in 18 months

● Over $ 1.3 million invested in R&D and Management and Marketing.


Token sale!

The initial cost of the GPM Coin token.

Cost of 1 GPM Coin Pre-Sale 0.15 USD

Cost of 1 GPM Coin TGE 0.30 USD

The market value of 1 kg of activated carbon is not less than 3 USD)

Pre-Sale Stage:

Pre-Sale Hard Cap – 9 million USD

Discount 50%.

Reaching the Pre-Sale Hard Cap will allow the project to launch 4 lines of production

TGE Stage:

Soft cap – 3 million USD

Hard cap – 27 million USD.

Road Map


Official resources of the project GPM Carbon:


BTT Username: dama1234
BTT Profile link:;u=2591573
ETH Address: 0xA23098b95C8F39ED772a7Cb363C791FeB14ED464

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