GPM Carbon - The latest Technology to Address Environmental Safety Issues

In recent years, humanity is increasingly engaged in solving problems related to environmental safety. And this is not surprising, since in recent years the human impact on the environment has reached unprecedented levels. This problem needs to be solved and it should be done in the near future by the most effective methods. The company under the loud name GPM-Planet undertakes business . The key strategic goal of the company is to develop technologies to solve environmental safety problems. The GPM Carbon project is part of the GPM-Planet group. The project uses all the advantages of blockchain technology and deals with the real sector of the economy. A unique token called GPMCoin was created on the basis of the gpm Carbon platform. This token is in no way subject to inflation and cryptocurrency volatility. Those who purchase the token at the early stages of the project have a great prospect of making a profit. Since the company has the principle of full transparency of investment and implementation of all stages of the project. GPMCoin is a full-fledged token that has all the standards of modern cryptocurrencies.

The aim of the project is to organize the production of activated carbon in accordance with the developed environmentally friendly and advanced technology. The project is able to solve three main problems of environmental safety.

These include:

  • pollution of water resources;
  • soil contamination;
  • the contamination of food.

Here for example the main advantages of the gpm Carbon project:

1. Technology. For the successful implementation of the project ideas the company has a patented innovative technology of product production with the exclusive right to use it.

2. Raw Materials. Always available in the required quantity. The raw material has the necessary quality for the production of activated carbon and is one of the best in the world.

3. Price. The production of activated carbon by GPM Carbon technology significantly reduces its cost compared to major global competitors.

4. Ready for a quick start of production. The company has prepared technological premises and fully staffed with highly professional staff.

In addition to the uniqueness of the project itself, the gpm carbon GPMCoin token has good, promising advantages, such as:

  • Blockchain-the project is oriented for industrial products;
  • Based on real production;
  • Full transparency at all stages;
  • Unique, stable and innovative blockchain product;
  • Opportunity to become the owner of a commodity token;
  • Reaching full payback in 18 months;
  • More than $ 1.3 million invested in R&D and Management and Marketing;
  • The uniqueness of the gpm Carbon ecosystem will be built entirely using innovative blockchain technology. This, in turn, ensures maximum flexibility, security and transparency of any transactions. When the production of the company's product under the gpm Carbon brand is launched, all products will be marked and entered into the blockchain register.

GPM Coin runs on the Ethereum platform (ERC 20).
The initial cost of the GPMCoin token.
1 the Cost of 1 GPM Coin Pre-Sale $ 0.15
2 Cost 1 GPM Coin TGE 0.30 USD
Pre-sale stage
1 Pre-Sale Hard Cap of 9 million dollars
2 Discount: 50%.
3 Soft Cap - $ 3 million
4 Hard Cap is 27 million dollars

Let's consider the stages of token sale and distribution:
50%: TGE
30%: Presale
7%: the Owners
5%: the bounty
5%: the Team
3%: Advisers


Let's look at the project roadmap. It indicates the plans and goals of the project developers as intermediate and basic. Stages of financing and tasks on which it is directed are designated. Having got acquainted with this map, we see what the company has already done, at what stage it is currently and what are its plans for the future.

2013: development and patenting of start-up technology
2015: Modernization of the production complex
2017: the company's investment in the prototype
2018: business plan and financial model development
2109: Holding the main event of TGE token generation
2020: launch of main production facilities
2021: Formation of gpm Carbon ecosystem using blockchain technology
2022: Launch of GPM Carbon's own product line


This concludes the review.In conclusion, I would like to add that the gpm Carbon project did not arise by chance and not from scratch. When there is a great demand but there is no adequate supply, such innovative projects always appear. In the near future, we can expect that the GPM Carbon project will prove itself and bring profit to its users and investors.

Official resources of the project GPM Carbon:


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