Introduction of TAGZ Exchange

TAGZ is a Cryptocurrency Exchange that is fully licensed Australian AML/CTF Compliant Austrac Regulated Dual Gateway Exchange for Crypto assets and registered with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

2018 was opposed to “year of the ICO”, and I guess we can already say that 2019 is “year of blockchains”, Where most of start-ups ang real projects. Global banks had seen recently promoting Blockchain Technology. So I guess, in 2020 will be "year of billionaires" because of 2019 projects and investors, they will become one of the billionaires soon.

Cryptocurrency Exchange's Digital asset has a very important role in the Cryptocurrency Market; so if I will invest in start-ups, ofcoarse I will first look at Cryptocurrency Exchanges. However, some of them plays a positive role but mostly negative boils, because some of them are just exist for just for a mere short-term profits.

Project TAGZ aim to create a highly secured and a 100% regulated cryptocurrency exchange platform, which provides trusted environment for investors and traders to confidently perform every crypto operations. The idea was form when the team think about a rare Exchange Platform and they called it the "Dual Gateway Exchange" or (DGE) which offers a traditional crypto trading with the same trading feature both on the same platform. This kind of crypto trading is new experience for us. I just read on the whitepaper that DGE has a traditional cryptocurrency trading such as the order book method there, we use actual digital currencies to perform trading and the features trading, this is where we use a crypto derivatives to trade, rather thatn the actual coins.

Features and functions of TAGZ

Zero Fees*

ees for the takers and market makers will be dependent on the amount of TAGS tokens that you hold or the membership tokens, it means the higher tier you are, the lower fees you will have.


fully comply company with the rules set by the Australian legislative standard AML ( Anti- Money laundering ) and CTF ( Counter Terrorism Financing). With KYC procedure and verification just making sure to avoid fraud and scam activities on the exchange.
Low Latency

AGZ highlhly scalable modular architecture that can accomodate million of transactions per second uses a various types of API and modules making it low latency that making it run smoothly.


AGZ wGZ will integrate a third-party cold storage that will make the funds safety that is being transacted and process on its platform. A regular external audit will help monitored unusual transactions occurred and potential for hoax and illegal activity.

TAGZ is led by an entrepreneur by nature, Bryan Seiler who far-reaching experience in building businesses from ground up with an extensive sales background and vast knowledge across all dynamics.

dontI dont have any words to say, I just found this start-up so perfectly, just giving you an extra knowledge, I just found out that thay have been approached by many but they have declined them all. Including LAToken, Idax, Coineal, Gross dude! Gross . They say that they will not be listing on less reputable exchanges. That they just focus to list on exchanges that share their same vision and have a solid user base and volume. Savage! Bravo TAGZ. BRAVO!

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