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Digital Gold, has become one of the long-term investment instruments that has been chosen in view of its stable and rising price. A variety of choices of forms of gold that can be chosen such as precious metals, gold bars, jewelry, gold coins to gold savings make gold more attractive to investors. To be more confident when deciding to invest in gold, I will give an idea of how various other investment risk profiles such as stocks, deposits / savings to mutual funds with gold.

Ever heard the term saving digital gold? As the name implies, this digital gold is only a heavy number that is stored in the owner's digital investment bag.

These contemporary investment instruments offer the convenience of gardening. The results that can be harvested later can be in the form of gold in physical form.

This digital gold savings is being offered by a number of marketplaces or online stores. I myself (24 years), one of the marketplace customers claimed to be curious about digital gold investment instruments. Moreover, he was looking for a 'car' to move his assets.

The DIGITALGOLD marketplace

We would like to tell you a little bit about the system related with purchasing, or selling the GOLD token.

To facilitate an easy, advantageous and environment friendly purchase/sale system, the Digital Gold venture has opted for the advent of a marketplace. By the usage of the Digital Gold Marketplace, users can certainly fill out a shape that initiates a smart contract, which then transfers the newly-minted GOLD tokens. The Marketplace acts as the first-rate desire for GOLD token purchases and sales, as it lets in customers to raise out these transactions instantly.

With this in mind, customers must enter the sum they wish to buy and the ERC20 Ethereum tackle the place the tokens will be credited. Users are additionally approved to enter non-obligatory details, like their BTC return address, or electronic mail address for email-based confirmation of the purchase. Once it is absolutely functional, the market will guide both purchases and sales of the GOLD token.

Pricing facts is constantly displayed on the marketplace. Upon accessing it, conceivable customers will get to see the present day spot price of gold, buy price, and redemption price, in each bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH). A chart exhibiting the evolution of the gold spot rate over the final couple of days is also reachable to facilitate smarter evaluation of the contemporary gold market charge trends.

When using the marketplace, users experiencing difficulties can without difficulty address Digital Gold’s client guide team. Support is on hand 24/7, and the team involves of various well-experienced representatives that can be contacted by way of stay chat. Phone-based help is also handy Monday via Friday, between 09:00 – 17:00 (CET). Lastly, conversation with the Digital Gold crew can also be carried out through email. 

Long term investment in Digital Gold

Digital gold investment is a suitable alternative for investors who want quick profits. Digital gold price fluctuations that are large enough cannot guarantee that investors will get large profits in a short time. As previously stated that the tendency of the price of gold to rise is a fairly long process, meaning that to benefit from the difference between the purchase price and high selling prices cannot be done in a short time. The fluctuations in the price of gold were also influenced by factors of national currency exchange rates against foreign currencies - which is now a hot conversation because it was allegedly going to match the events of 1998 where US $ 1 was equivalent. Another cause is the financial condition of the people of a certain area. When the community is in good financial condition, other investments that promise higher returns in a shorter period of time such as company stock investments look more attractive and promising.

Positive impact and marketing property

Gold is a tender metal, but it solely melts at the temperature of 1065 two С. Many lots tougher metals have lower melting points. Further, gold is a very properly conductor of electrical energy and heat. Of course, you might not discover many heating radiators made out of gold, but it is frequently used as plating for electronic contacts.

Gold is surprisingly ductile: one ounce (less than 30 grams) of this steel can be stretched into a piece of wire 80 kilometers lengthy and ten instances thinner than a human hair. Natural gold thread is used for embroidery and weaving.

The density of gold is additionally high, although it's no longer the densest of metals. A kilogram of gold is a ball of roughly 4.5 centimeters in diameter.

An quantity of gold as massive as a matchbox is enough for gilding a entire tennis court. In theory, 1 gram of pure gold can be turned into a piece of semitransparent foil (blue-green when you keep it towards the light), that’s one rectangular kilometer in size .

Being soft, gold is challenge to bodily wearing. If you wear a high-karat gold ring all your life, it will turn out to be twice thinner after a few decades.

Human skin doesn't absorb gold, however woolen fabrics can accumulate its particles. There is a story about a French cashier who would always use a new piece of woolen cloth when he counted gold coins. At home, he would burn it in a frying pan — and ultimately gathered numerous grams of the treasured metal. 

Users are free to lift out their due diligence by means of verifying the BullionStar stay audit reports. As such, a 1/3 birthday party audit document is issued on a quarterly basis, for that reason confirming the price of gold being stored.

High liquidity Digital Gold

The GOLD token ensures high liquidity, considering that the token issuer company, DIGITAL GOLD LTD, also works as a liquidity supplier. Users are permitted to instantly buy and sell large amounts of tokens, by means of the Digital Gold Marketplace, or accomplice exchanges. Another advantage really worth pointing out is that with Digital Gold, customers do now not have to reflect onconsideration on local business hours, due to the fact that the carrier is on hand 24/7. Liquidity is therefore handy on demand, and the prices constantly intently healthy current gold market prices.

A personal gold possession experience

As briefly cited above, dealing with physical gold entails that customers expose private records to stay in compliance with countrywide regulatory frameworks. The frequent lack of standardization backed by the sheer amount of records collection, has led to the look of a society that is extra privacyconscious. The GOLD token allows for physical gold ownership while remaining private.

Guaranteed long-term life expectancy of purchased GOLD

Most financial analysts agree that the lifestyles expectancy of gold vastly outweighs our own. This conclusion is backed by the Lindy Effect, a idea that describes how the future lifestyles expectancy of an asset is immediately proportional to its modern-day age. Gold’s occurrence for heaps of years guarantees that the treasured metal will remain relevant for many years to come. 

Digital Gold uses the ERC20 Platform

DIGITAL GOLD is a future blockchain-based venture that will go to all the exchanges on the high-quality cryptocurrency market and this is one of the fantastic productive breakthroughs for funding exchanges in your future. Digital Gold will be one of the identical fiat currencies with pure gold. It is predicted to obtain this by means of enabling customers to purchase insurance in physical gold, via the ERC-20 primarily based GOLD ERC-20 token. The Digital Gold Project This venture has many advantages for its users, the gold market, however additionally for the typical blockchain technology, allowing customers to shortly buy and store the GOLD Tokens that you need to buy gold and keep it digitally with entire anonymity and assured protection of your assets from excessive volatility and will no longer lose value, a patron solely needs to area a Gold Token to habits financial transactions, or use it as a technique of storing wealth.


As treasured as gold is, we can’t deny the reality that solely the powerful people have the get entry to to exchange it. This is because of the problematic strategies and the excessive purchase requirements that are required before having to exchange with it and as such, an average character is being discouraged from trading gold.

Having stated these, we ought to also be conscious of the new tokenised gold machine that is being developed to permit for easy bridging of the hole between the gold and digital ecosystem, however then this conventional system isn’t ideal enough as it is being faced with challenges as nicely such as inability to use and alternate and additionally lack of applicable security.

The Solution:

Digital Gold This is an Ethereum based platform that allows people to anonymously buy, sell, store and trade investment grade gold easily.This is being achieved by creating an ERC-20 based gold token which is being backed up physical gold and stored in the company’s secured vault, hence the volatility of the token is highly reduced making it a stablecoin.

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