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Friends! Our platform is coming to the most important stage. In just a few days, we are starting Sale. Purchasing our tokens you invest in one of the most reliable projects. Our tokens are our shares. We bind all your investments to the Swiss franc regardless of the price of Ether and other cryptocurrencies. Recently we have received a lot of questions from you. In this article I will try to answer the main ones. Here are the answers to the key questions we have got form you lately:

Utility or Security Token?

-Now we have a utility token. But since we consider it as a share and a) you can sell it on the stock exchange and b) our customers who want to get a loan will buy it out at the price of 150% of the current value (but at least 150% of the price of Sale) on the exchange . And this means we guarantee income on condition of the long-term storage of our tokens-shares. This gives us the right to declare that our tokens are our shares, security tokens

  1. Be clear about what rights the token holders have

Token holder’s Rights : the right to sell. The right to make a profit on the condition of long-term investments and the right to receive loans on preferential terms, benefits when using the platform (80%), but it’s necessary to prove the purchase of tokens at Sale

  1. Does Token value base on transaction volumes, user actions, or other native activity?

-Token’s value is based on the token output from exchanges, and this in turn is based on the work of the platform

  1. Why the token’s price will increase in the future?

    Token growth in price. -Dynamic buyout of a token from exchanges and its partial burning to reduce its quantity. This will lead to an increase in the token price subject to constant capitalization
  2. Does the model for token distribution amongst investors, the project team, advisors, and bounty hunters) is aligned with your roadmap?

we have everything in line with the road map. 5 + 3% of tokens are for the team and advisors. At the moment we need to give not less than 3m. That’s up to 3% of tokens

  1. Bank opening process and Portfolio management process

    we will open a bank after we create CHFT. We already have a bank account in Switzerland and bank accounts of related organizations in Germany

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CustomCoin token is a new Project on the Ethereum Blockchain. Smart-contract based lending. The best offer of the 2018…
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