The Curiosity Project - Introducing Discord Wallet - The very first service that provides SBD transfer on Discord !!

I am very glad to announce the very first and a brand new way to do transactions with Steem Backed Dollars in Discord. Now more than 19,000 Discord users are able to send SBD to each other with a single command via the Discord chat.

But first many thanks to!
@fyrstikken for giving me this awesome idea and his support on this project of Curiosity. Also many thanks for your wonderful post about the Transaction system.

@koh for helping with English spell check and also his awesome post about Curiosity

How does it work ?

If you have Curiosity Bot on your server you can create a wallet by just typing ( .Deposit ). The moment you do that your Discord ID will be saved into our database including a random generated 5 character that you will need for depositing and withdrawing. The first row contains Discord ID's, this part will be called upon when a transaction is issued. The second row are the random generated Memos. The memo is the critical part of the deposit and withdraw phase. The memo tells the database where the SBD needs to be transferred to or from. After the transfer from your Steemit wallet to your Discord Wallet is complete, you can start sending / tipping other registered users as many SBD as you like

Creating your Steem Wallet on Discord

The first time you type .deposit (. is the prefix previously setup) the bot will instantly create your wallet in the database. The wallet will be linked to your Discord ID and your own random generated Memo key. Now you are ready to start receiving money. If you want to deposit SBD type ( .Deposit [Amount SBD] ) and Curiosity will generate you a URL directing you to SteemConnect. All the info needed to make the transaction(s) are already filled in for a quick and easy deposit. For those that do not want to use SteemConnect, they can always do a direct transfer on SteemIt. Once your wallet is updated you can immediately use it on Discord.

@CuriosityBot [Steemit] account will be coming soon.

First, I'd like to say this is a new feature that is in BETA. Three days ago we came up with the idea to do micro transactions on Discord. We want to reward those that are active and create good content with SBD instead of meaningless emojis. That was the moment this idea was created. And many thanks to @fyrstikken for that great idea.

Although, because it is new there are still many things to code and set up. The wallet and the ability to transfer SBD over Discord is already up and running. This is automatic and extensively tested. But the deposits and withdraws are not automatic yet ! This I have to do by hand at the moment.

Currently we are waiting for the @CuriosityBot [Steemit] account to be created. The moment that we have the account, we have the ability to send money back and forth to start testing automated transactions. Once we have extensively tested this we will be ready to integrate it into the current system. Privacy and security are our main and number 1 focus through out the whole project and that is why we will be doing the the transactions manually until the automation has been finished.

Sending SBD on Discord

Now we will cover the procedure for wallet to wallet transfers on discord. First, lets check our current balance with the command ( .Balance ). Now if we want to send 1 SBD to MrQ via mentioning him ( .send @mrq 1 ). Next you will see an animated loading bar. When loaded it gives you a success(//do we want to say.. OR ERROR response//) response. After the transaction has been completed a confirmation message will appear showing the new balance of both sender and receiver.

Depositing SBD on Discord

If you want to deposit SBD to your Discord Wallet you would type ( .Deposit [Amount SBD] ). This will generate a link that re-directs you to SteemConnect. Here you can quickly and easyily complete your transaction and your memo will automatically be filled in to make sure no mistake will happen. For those that do not like to use SteemConnect can always do direct transfers via SteemIT wallet. The moment we have the account @CuriosityBot [Steemit] we will be doing the transactions separately from my own account. We will notify everyone when this happens.

Withdrawing your SBD from Discord back to Steemit

When you decide to withdraw the SBD from your Discord Wallet you can do that anytime with the following command ( .Withdraw Amount Memo Account ). After you have used this command I will receive a message with your withdraw request. I will then transfer the requested amount of SBD to the account specified in the command string. But before I do so, I will make sure that your ID and Memo key are matching up with the database for verification. Only you are able to withdraw, as the Discord ID is unique and linked to your account only. As stated before, once @CuriosityBot [Steemit] account is online this will be automated.

Some thoughts for the future

All successful projects start small, and hasty made projects don't get very far. We have a lot of ideas to add on to this new Discord wallet integration. We also understand that security and privacy are is the most important thing of all. To be able to call things secure we need to extensively test it first and that takes time. But there are some things we are thinking about and lets sum up a few.

* Right now we only accept SBD but as soon as we have the new account and the system automated we will be looking in expending the wallet to other currencies like STEEM and later also other coins.
* Every week a blog post will include transactions that have occurred over the previous 7 days. Just like the blockchain the transactions over Discord will be transparent and public, although it will be anonymous as no names will be displayed on this list. This will be implemented after the automation has been completed.
* Creating a Lottery within Discord that will end every 24 hours. You can buy in with a (X) amount of SBD with a max of 2 tickets. After 24 hours the bot picks a random selected winner and transfers the reward pool. This was a requested feature, and I personally like the idea. Let me know what you guys and girls think?
* Integrating the ability to do Crypto trading / converting currencies via the Discord chat. This will not be implemented in a short range of time as we are still looking to do this in the best, most convenient way while maintaining security protocols. This feature is very ambitious and we would love to see it integrated for our users convenience.


One of the next phases we would like to enter is to make @CuriosityBot [Steemit] a voting bot once we have reached a certain point that the STEEM Power of the bot is valuable enough.
The Discord Wallet is one of the current projects we must have to reach this next goal. If you like what we are doing with this project, you are always welcome to send us a donation. All donations will be used to improve the account so that we can start helping the minnows grow their account and find the proper crowds for their content. Your help is highly appreciated!

End Word

As we are progressing in this project we are also looking for ways to tweak the system and make it better.
Your opinion matters !!
If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions please let us know in the comment or mail us via (

Please share this blog post as this would help us a lot to put the word out in the world. One of the factors of success is the amount of people seeing this information. And our appreciation is enormous ;).

I want to thank everyone for his/her time and Steem On !

We are not ready yet for intergrading Golos but, we are working on it !




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