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Is this a new force in the throne of Grap?

IDLV's maximize the benefits of our customers by combining blockchain technology in the explosively growing O2O market ecosystem.

Delivery services online is easy and fun - Waiting around for your using Anterin App and membership benefits are cash-backs and the ability to receive IDLV token. We envision a new sharing economy with delivery O2O market, where any individual can contribute to improving the delivery experience and earn in the process of freedom to choose, IDLV (Membership Token) is gained (mined) by using Apps platform services and also can be purchased directly from a major exchange which once you have an Apps membership.

Join IDLV's social platforms and discover for the latest feeds, how we push the sharing economy into explosively growing O2O market ecosystem. Everyone can be part of the Delivery service and get beneficial in IDLV ecosystem.

At the present time, there are many big companies in the world operating in this field. It can talk about Grap. What does IDLV's solution do to compete with those companies?

IDLV is the Membership Token of “Anterin” which carries out food delivery service and car call service in Indonesia. IDLV (Membership Token) is gained (mined) by using Anterin's services and also can be purchased directly from a block-chain exchange. Once you have an Anterin Membership, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Depending on your membership level, you will be given various benefits such as cash-back points and travel vouchers. In addition to Anterin's services, cash-back points can be used for a variety of consumption activities through the Internet shopping mall linked to Anterin’s App.
  • If cash is temporarily lacking, you can prepay using your membership as collateral.
  • Membership can be freely transferred and acquired from a block-chain exchange, so it has a transparent value compared to the general membership.

Token Distribution and IEO Schedule

IDLV IEO Schedule

  • 200.000.000 IDLV @ Rp 70
  • Date: 19:00 - 24:00 17th May, 2019
  • There was pre-sale of 300 million IDLV but the company will buy-back 100 million
  • 2 years lock-up for company holdings - The partnership will be locked-up at least 6 month
  • The team holdings will be locked-up at least 1 month


IEO comming soon.... You can follow here for more information about IDLV sales:


This is just the information that I provide is not an investment advice. I'm also curios on how popular this project in Indonesia. As far as I know, Indonesia is one of the countries that restrict cryptocurrency transaction as payment method.


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