How can the CMA change the way sellers sell their goods and services by creating a P2P ecosystem ?

Hello everyone to my article !!! Today I want to introduce you to a project about democratize crypto advertising & marketing. This is CryptoMarketAds

What is this ?

Crypto Market Ads is new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers in one place (marketplace is working already). A democratic and decentralized crypto advertisement marketplace – that is the vision behind Crypto Market Ads. You can immediately visit the CMA website here:

About Crypto Market Ads

The crypto advertising and marketing industry has been growing rapidly over the past two years. Compared to 2017, ICO advertising and marketing volume has quadrupled in just over a year in 2018. A similar pattern has been followed by advertising and marketing spending volume for crypto projects. Currently, the total market size is at around 5 Billion USD, and is expected to grow in the coming years. They expect it to increase to almost 54.8 Billion USD by the year 2021.

This positively rapid growth has created many problems, such as crypto ads being banned by big corporations, publishers taking advantage by charging up to ten times more than comparable niches, marketing agencies and professionals also charging much more for the same services, and so on. It has also become hard to find influencers and good publishers since the market has attracted a lot of scams and fraud.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) proposes to solve these problems by offering a stable marketplace that can bring advertisers and publishers together onto a fair and democratic market platform. Publishers and service providers will compete against each other through marketing tactics such as offering lowest prices, competitive offers and instant communication. Advertisers will be able to execute their marketing and advertising campaigns in a quick and trustful manner without requiring a lot of budget or extensive marketing teams.

A democratic and decentralized crypto advertisement marketplace – that is the vision behind Crypto Market Ads. Their mission is to not only establish the best marketplace solution for crypto advertising and marketing but also create an internet of goods and services for global sellers and marketplaces.

CMA wants to change how sellers sell their goods and services by creating a truly global P2P (peer-to-peer) ecosystem, where sellers are trustful, and goods and services are instantly available globally through a network of marketplaces. CMA also wants to deliver interactive online tools such as a drag-and-drop marketplace builder, and an ICO (initial coin offering) platform for marketplaces to ensure the success of all stakeholders involved.

Token CMA
Token Function

The Crypto Market Ads marketplace will use the CMA token as its main, and the only, token required for transactions between marketplace users. CMA tokens will be used for fee discounts following token lock-ups by users. These discounts will apply as long as the user has CMA tokens locked down.

CMA token turnover will be through payments to CMA marketplace publishers from advertisers. In case the CMA ICO reaches its second target or hard cap, there will be a token swap to a new blockchain coin. This new blockchain coin for marketplaces will be used in the marketplace builder and ICO platform.

Token Distribution

The total number of Crypto Market Ads (CMA) tokens will be 10 Billion. The pre-ICO phase will last for 1 month, and the ICO itself for 2 months. The hard cap has been set at 5 Billion tokens. All unsold tokens will be burned. The distribution structure is as given below.

ICO platform for Marketplaces

If the CMA ICO hard cap is reached, an ICO platform for marketplaces will be built alongside the marketplace builder. It will allow users to create an ICO for their newly established marketplaces and raise funds for further development and marketing. Users will use the Crypto Market Ads marketplace for advertising, marketing and other services.

The ICO platform will have everything needed for fast ICO creation and execution. It will allow the issuing of tokens on the blockchain for sellers (goods and services) and marketplaces. The CMA marketplace will be used for ICO marketing, connecting all decentralized apps to a unied ecosystem through the blockchain’s main coin.

In this article, I have introduced the basic version of this project. In general, the idea of ​​the project is fully feasible, and when the idea of ​​combining with blockchain technology, I believe the project will soon succeed in the near future. In addition, you can search for additional project information from the following sources.

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Hopefully, this article will help you get more information about the project. And thank you for your interest in my article. See you in the upcoming articles
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