Bcnex - Super Airdrop $2,000,000 from Bcnex Exchange

Welcome to my article !!! Come to the article today, I will introduce you to a special program of Bcnex, in the previous articles I shared with you about the information of the project. And today we will receive rewards from this project. Bcnex is implementing a special program for new users joining Bcnex. So let's start !!!

To celebrate the official launch of Bcnex— The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform, the team has a special gift to all users, customers, investors. They want to give you the opportunity to receive free XRP — one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies at the moment.

The event will take place from 00:00:00 (GMT +7) June 16, 2019 (GMT+7) until out of budget. Each participant in this Airdrop program will receive XRP which are worth $25 at that time ( XRP rate at market price ).

For example: Market price XRP = 0.5 $ , then participant will receive 50 XRP reward. If market price XRP = 0.1 $, then 250 XRP reward will be added to Bcnex account. Those XRP can be withdrawn in the end of July when the exchange is fully live.

LIMITED OFFER: On NO CASH DAY (16th June 2019), first 1000 users which completed all AIRDROP tasks will receive XRP reward ( equal $50market price)
Please follow these steps, in order to receive $25 XRP rewaard:

Registr a Bcnex account:

Go to Bcnex home page then click: GET STARTED to join XRP airdrop event.

Do 5 simple step to earn up to $50

The first 1000 user who completes each task on June 16 will receive $ 10. Completing 5 tasks will receive up to $ 50. From the 1001 user who completes each task will receive $ 5. Completing all 5 tasks will receive up to $ 25.

For example, you are in the first 1000 people who completed task 1 and task 2 , you will receive 10+10 = $20 XRP in your account. But the remaining 3 tasks are not in the first 1000 users completed, you only get $ 5 for each task. In total, you’ll have 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 + 5 = $ 35 in XRP in the airdrop balance.

Referral Bonus :

Register a Bcnex account, copy referral link and send it to your friends. You will be rewarded $2 (in XRP) for each referral which successfully completed the Airdrop program.

Join Bcnex Telegram Official group to receive latest news about the project:

All users, who has already registered Bcnex account before and register from June 16 can participate to upcoming events.

So in this article I have guided you in detail about Bcnex's supper air program. I hope you can receive the rewards that the program is implementing for this project. I think that if you have time you should join this program and not miss the opportunity to earn money from this project. It's easy, thank you for your interest in my article and wish you luck.

You can track project information through the following communication channels:

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