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After finding out some information on Bcnex I discovered something very interesting. And I think this will be very helpful for newcomers to cryptocurren and especially for trading.Currently, Bcnex is running a trading competition for those who want to participate and can experience the features on Bcnex. This will make Bcnex more complete when it is officially launched. So how can you join this program? And right now I will show you the full steps to join it.

The firts
First you need to have an account on Bcnex, you can access it right here to register an account:
And what's important is that you have to KYC when you join this program. That's what you need to get involved in this campaign.
What is the point for you to imagine Bcnex? I will introduce you about what Bcnex is.

Bcnex is a full-service ecosystem for the purchase, exchange and trading of blockchain based tokens and a wide range of digital assets. It is a customer-centric, highly secure and stable trading platform built on microservices architecture that meets the most stringent customer requirements.

This is the interface when you access Bcnex

This is the interface when you register the interface. And you can register by mail and phone number.

After obtaining the account and KYC is done. Once logged in, pay attention to the web interface. Next you need to click here, look in this picture.

Next, click on the instructions like this picture.

To apply for participation in the Bcnex Trading Competition, please read and confirm the following statements:

You are at least 16 years of age and/or higher than the minimum legal age as stipulated by the laws of your jurisdiction of residence, and you do not require parental consent to participate in any type of Trading Competition.
You have read and fully agreed with our Trading Competition Rules
You voluntarily give us the right to process your personal information and data, including without limitation to publish your personal information (your login in encrypted form and links to your social networks) in the Leaderboard.


Each chosen Bcnex account will receive 100,000 virtual testnet USDT tokens to use as their starting funds before each round of the Trading Competition begins
Qualifying trading volume consists of buys and sells (excluding wash trades) in the relevant trading pair of each round only.
Rewards will be issued within 1 week after the competition ends.

This is Bcnex's trading interface:

Each participant will be granted 500ETH so you can trade. And after each roud competition, if you are the winner, you will receive attractive rewards from Bcnex.

I feel that this is a great program to attract more users from Bcnex. It will help make the web better, and it can also help new entrants to cryptocurrency understand more when trading. And after each roud you can receive the reward if you win. Don't miss this program !!!

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Whitepaper: https://www.bcnex.net/BCNEX_WP_ENG.html
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5111223.0
Telegram: https://t.me/Bcnex_Official
Medium: https://medium.com/@bcnex
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Bcnex_Official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bcnex.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bcnex_net

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