Ligercoin - The Premium Cryptocurrency

LIGER is best suited for the demands of Online Gaming & Fantasy Sports. Sans intermediaries, it connects the traders with users directly and brings in more business. Here’s why LIGER should be your choice for trade.

LIGER seeks to use the ’tamper proof' Blockchain technology to bring the ’Trust factor' back between the Service Provider / Merchant and the Better. LIGER's objective is to make Betting safe, transparent and intermediary free. LIGER seeks to build a large community of Betters and Service Providers who use the LIGER Crypto currency for peer to peer transfer of content.

The LIGER functionalities are designed and enabled in such a way that establishes one to one contacts amongst the User, Service Provider and potential adopter. Each stakeholder gets rewarded through a series of authenticated online contractual obligations getting fulfilled.

LIGER will use the Ethereum Blockchain technology to develop its Ecosystem. Since the Blockchain technology is typically managed by peer-to-peer networking with each adhering to a protocol for validation of each fresh transaction, it provides for secure and instant transaction between the ’payee' and ’payer'. It also opens up possibilities of growing and sharing the bounty for every community member at each step of the Community and business growth through the unique Staking and Token Burning mechanism undertaken in the Liger Business Model.

LIGER as a Game changer. LIGER is here with best processes, swifter transactions and smartest thinking. Its advanced features of safety and anonymity are ready to win hearts and games.
Place Instant BETS With Live Dealers And On Live Sports
Play “FOR” The Casino & Not Against By Liger’s Unique Staking Mechanism
LIGER COIN The Most Accepted Currency At Worldwide Offline Casinos

  • Total number of tokens: 2.7 billion (LIC)
  • Soft cap 4 million €
  • Hard cap 41 million €
  • Token price 1 LIC = 0.025 €
  • Token standard: ERC 20

PRE ICO: 18th April-16th June 40% Bonus

ICO 17th June-1st August Upto 25% Bonus

  • BONUSICO Week – 01 25% Bonus
  • ICO Week – 02 15% Bonus
  • ICO Week – 03 10% Bonus


Every successful business has always created a differentiation through identifying the emerging trends proactively and developing the businesses in line with these trends.Using the technological advancements to create differentiated products and services is the core of all successful ventures right from Alibaba to Microsoft to Apple. Creating compatibility and hence customer loyalty through a supportive ecosystem is the key.

True to our promise of decentralising the entire Gaming space, Liger provides the option to the Token holder to be on a side that he/she chooses.

Token Holders can use the Liger Tokens to play games across tied up/leased/Liger owned Casinos or stake their Tokens to the Casinos to be on the Casino's side.

With this initiative, Liger democratises the entire Gaming sphere. The Token holder is now assured of the ’Fairness of outcome' as he/she is free to choose to play for or against the Casino.

The Staking returns are computed on the Casino's profitability and distributed back to the Token holders that stake their tokens. There is no requirement of any physical presence of the Token holders in the Casinos and they can contribute their stakes through their handheld devices for the defined period. The quantity of staked Tokens is visible to the holder as ’Stake Funds' in his wallet.

The unique Staking mechanism allows the contributors to hold on to their Tokens and avoids the ’dumping' of Tokens in the market lending a stability to the Liger Token prices. It also aids the participants to make their Tokens work and provide them returns as they hold them generating constant liquidity and utility for the non-gamers that come into the ambit of Liger ICO contributors.

Liger helps the Token holders to always be on the Winning side – either by incentivising them if they are Gamers or by staking their Tokens in case they believe in the age-old dictum that the ’Casino always Wins'!

Liger uses the Blockchain technology to compute the stakes, prepare the reserve, pay- out for the Stakeholders. This gives the entire process the transparency it needs along with the speed that the SMART CONTRACTS offer.

Liger also provides the unique experience of being able to participate in Real time Casino tables from the confines of one's own space. Liger makes Offline Gaming Online for its Token Holder as they can bet through their smart phones and the same is integrated in the blockchain for him / her not only for betting, but also to experience the thrill of it through being able to view the live deals and cards as the game goes on at the Offline Casino somewhere far away.


It is aptly said that ’Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible in to the visible;. Hence, we decided to define our goal in business numbers right at the outset.To achieve 1% market share by value in 5 years f rom inception across the identified Industries (Online and Offline Casinos, Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports)

To drive LIGER as the currency of choice for the identified Industries. LIGER will use the Blockchain Technology to create adequate content and utility through the LIGER crypto currency.

To provide superior speed of transactions to both the User and Service Provider with an assurance of complete safety and transparency. To provide all the stakeholders a hassle free and real time settlements.


Inception of any great idea, technology or business is at a high risk of failure if not packaged and marketed strategically. The world in general still considers cryptocurrencies taking toddler steps, hence awareness is the only way out for everyone out there at any corner of this planet to understand, adapt and benefit from this phenomenal invention in the economic foray of global economy.Social Media Marketing

We at LIGER are determined to leave no stone unturned in exploring every possible medium to promote our platform rightfully so leveraging our expertise and partnerships with the best of best from the advertisement industry. Social media being the most crucial and valued medium in relevant times, we aim to fetch content based services for Google Ad World, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and several "A” listed market places across the internet.

Articles & Blogs

Professional writing and creation of well explanatory blogs and articles for media publications and social media in general and getting them the right value read is what we look forward to achieve. All media posts and articles to be published in large BTC news sites, Casino magazines and ATL promotion on TV (for Fantasy Sports website only)with translations in majority of international languages.

Video Promotions
Visually aesthetic and product relevant video content to be released on recurring basis to grab maximum number of eyeballs and turn them to potential customers.

Merchant tie - ups

Great merchant tie – ups acquired through our team of expert Acquisition Specialists will be backed by aggressive marketing content. The campaign will be aimed at driving the traffic to the LIGER website and subsequently to the tied - up Service Providers' websites / physical locations. The promotional campaign will be directed towards the users of such services.Why need LIGER

The era of cryptocurrency opens new possibilities in the gaming markets. LIGER offers you independence from any country’s economy, yet a high level of control that can be provided by blockchain technologies. Here’s why LIGER is the way to go:

Faster Transactions At Negligible Cost

Settlement with merchants through LIGER is immediate with no additional processing fees attached to it. Furthermore, LIGER wallets will be integrated with the POS installed at offline casinos.

Taking Safety To Next Level

Each transaction made, is encrypted and added into a ledger on a Blockchain. This eliminates chances of any kind deletion or tampering, thus achieving utmost safety protocols.

Improved Credit Ratings

With the anonymity that LIGER offers for the usage of their Tokens at Casinos, unlike in the case of Credit/Debit cards, a Gamer will be insulated from any kind of detrimental credit ratings by Financial Institutions.

New-Age Technology

Implementing safe and tamper-proof Ethereum Blockchain, LIGER is aimed at trader acceptance across Online and Offline Casinos, Live Gaming and Fantasy Sports Portals.

Trusted Platforms

Using Smart Contracts to execute pay-outs results in transparent and conflict-free transactions.

LIGER is best suited for the demands of Online Gaming & Fantasy Sports. Sans intermediaries, connects the traders with users directly and brings in more business. Here’s why LIGER should be your choice for trade

Swift And Safe Settlements

Speedy settlements between users and traders as opposed to conventional processes, makes turnaround time virtually non-existent. Over time, LIGER aims to integrate payment services 24x7x365 days.

Ease Of Reach

As a trader, you can share unique offers to LIGER users. In return, users can act as promoters of your online and offline offerings.

Captive Customer Base & Better Volume

Large number of Gamers in the LIGER Community, free of geographical restrictions, ensures repeated visits at the same merchant location. Reduced monitoring also leads to higher spends by users at the casinos.

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