XYO Network - Proof of Location Oracle Network

Popularity of Bluetooth, GPS is steadily growing every year. This is not surprising, because with its help location determination of a person is very simple. These features are installed in almost all models of smartphones, which greatly simplifies life. At the same time, active use of such tools ensures protection against personal data leakage. Primary purpose of location products is accuracy of coordinates. With increase in this indicator, trust in these technologies will increase the maximum number of users. In the near future, rapid development of market of devices that use Bluetooth, GPS (cars of the future, UAV) is expected. Accordingly, leading developers will strive to provide maximum data protection.
Authors of the XYO Network project decided to create the world's first cryptographic decentralized network. It will allow smart contracts to gain access to real world objects. This is done by locating active devices in the x-y coordinates.


Design feature

XYO Network is a complex of tools (hardware and software). They will be used to retrieve and store data simultaneously in 4 planes. The XYO system will provide input to dedicated Protocol. It will be designed for already connected smartphones. The Protocol will provide users with the most accurate location data. This feature is particularly important. The fact is that it is almost impossible to perform such actions in centralized IoT system. As for the XYO system, using it, users will be able to carry out all necessary actions through chain of cryptographic evidence.

The XYO Network platform consists of following components:

bridges: channels that will have increased security. Databases are delivered to them, as well as evidence of their location from guards;
• detention: will be designed to identify the exact location, based on special beacons. After that, database will be formed to indicate accuracy of coordinates, proof of their appearance;
archivists: will be designed to store information about location of the object of interest (in a decentralized form). Due to this, maximum protection of information from theft and possible loss will be provided. Storage operations will be completely free for users;
• diviner: will be created for analysis of user queries on the network XY Oracle (based on saved data). To identify the most accurate location of the object, its coordinates should be accompanied by specific evidence of origin.


The XYO network is a combination of different devices. They can archive and record various heuristic data. For this purpose, Blockchain technology is used. When the device is operating within the network XYO interacts with other equipment, such a procedure is fixed. Users will be able to view the data displayed in interaction log. At the same time, you can find out at what time, in what place processes took place.
Where XYO Network can be used
XYO Network will be able to successfully implement in various fields: medicine, trade, logistics, as well as in the field of car rental, catering. Taking into account the fact that TODAY the XYO Network includes more than 1 million beacons, in the near future the network will be used in practice more actively. XYO network supports cooperation with such blockchains: Ethereum, Cardano, and NEO, EOS, Stellar.

Holding ICO XYO Network

The XYO token was created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. This cryptocurrency will become the main means of payment in the whole ecosystem. To purchase XYO tokens, you can participate in the XYO Network ICO. The sale is held from March 20 to may 21, 2018. Hard Cap for this project is set at 48 000 000 USD. To purchase xyo tokens, buyers must have required amount of ETH cryptocurrency. Unsold XYO tokens will be destroyed in an expeditious manner.

Road map




I can assume that the XYO Network project will reveal its potential in the long term. This is evidenced by the attention to detail and innovative idea, and a strong team of developers, and a decent official website. XYO token holders will have many privileges. The idea of XYO Network is a convenient, universal solution. The reason for the success of the project is that XYO Protocol can be integrated into any blockchain.

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3040825.0
Website: https://xyo.network/
Telegram: https://t.me/xyonetwork

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This technology will be more accurate even than GPS!

19.05.2018 06:19

I'm sure that XYO Network have a good future.

25.05.2018 19:48