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 Since ancient times, people began to exchange with each other various goods and services, and this was called barter exchange, today this area is also relevant and has received even more interesting developments that allow participants to exchange a wide range of goods.At the moment we have such a situation that the annual global market value of non-financial transactions, i.e. barter or other types of transactions cost almost $ 23 billion a year and continue to grow. The barter industry continues to grow in volume, but other more traditional sectors of the economy continue to shrink.
It is only on the surface when it comes to non-financial transactions, as it only takes into account commercially or politically recorded transactions and bypasses the more defined and reliable autonomous range of transactions that occur within the general community.At the same time, several links of intermediaries, such as banking and electronic payment systems, brokers, agents, now began to take part in these transactions, which, of course, increased liquidity and accelerated the entire exchange process as a whole, but also introduced negative aspects, such such as theft of funds from customer accounts, blocking accounts for services, delaying transfers for several days, transferring data to third parties.A significant number of users who accumulate several hundred different cryptocurrencies still have to constantly exchange them for traditional money in order to buy everyday things.Therefore, this requires a platform that could simplify the process of introducing the blockchain into a business or using it in its ecosystem, and the BIZpaye service is already working perfectly in this direction!  


In today's world, we can also often find a barter system of business relations. But unlike ancient times, a lot has changed. First, there are too many intermediaries between the parties to the barter agreement. Secondly, due to the participation of additional elements, such as banking and payment systems, as well as the presence of various trading or financial agents, the entire barter process acquires negative colors, and experience in General. Why just negative? Yes, because all these "accessories" of our modern system impose on us too big an imprint, producing various kinds of embezzlement of money, blocking accounts, delays in payment of bills and much more. This by the way can easily be attributed to such an unpleasant situation, when without your voluntary consent, third parties use your personal data. What is now the scourge of modern society.Of course, theoretically this issue can be solved, but practically using old communication systems, it is unlikely. Therefore, many experts have come to the conclusion that if by traditional systems and existing classical tools to change the situation does not work, why not try to bring in this direction a new, modern and popular technology?! And as you may have guessed, they did.

About the project and its features

I am glad to present you a new blockchain platform – BIZpaye. The main purpose of which is to reduce all the incredible number of existing intermediaries in the classical barter exchange, bringing in this direction the long-forgotten old device of the transaction. Under the old means the same, easy and unobtrusive way, when people on their own, that is, directly have the opportunity to communicate with each other by means of their chosen values. In this case, BIZpaye users can easily use the internal unit of the system for just such purposes. Since its features and benefits have been specifically designed for this purpose. By nullifying all those high commissions and countless intermediaries, content with just one platform and one single medium of exchange.It is important to note that not only individuals but also legal entities will be able to use this service. That in General will have a positive impact on the future perception of BIZpaye throughout the business community. Moreover, its principle of operation will simplify the already existing analogues of the barter system of relations, where a variety of crypto-currency coins are used in other options. Naturally, BIZpaye has its primary advantages over them, as people will finally find one single unit of measurement and forget about these numerous transactional exchanges.


It is safe to say that BIZpaye has no restrictions, as by means of this platform you will be able to exchange both ordinary goods and real estate, cars and many other items or luxury goods. It all depends on your conscious choice, where you decide what and what you want to exchange. It is important to cancel that due to decentralization and transparent accounting system, each user of BIZpaye platform will have its own rating and honest evaluation system, which it will develop only through successful barter exchanges. So here BIZpaye in some degree excluded such extended time as deception. Since it will immediately fix the system, marking the same person that he is a fraud and it is better in the future to have nothing to do with him. What I think is very convenient, given the modern mentality of people where everyone is looking for benefits only for themselves and not always he achieves it honestly.And of course, in order not to limit, to some extent, its users, the founders of BIZpaye have developed their own exchange, where you can easily exchange any cryptocurrency you have for BIZpaye token and buy by exchanging any available product. 




BIZpaye is an existing company. The company has existed for 5 years and currently operates in 12 countries, including: Auststralia,
amdia, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Norway, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.Digital currency BIZpaye CRYPTO will become part of the International Group of Companies BIZpaye, created ted by a
ulransaction B2B and B2C online and offline retail marketplace with active merchants and customers with millions of dollars every year.In conclusion, I want to say that BIZpaye is a powerful engine for promoting digital and traditional goods around the world, is already gaining momentum and the number of like-minded people is growing every year, all of which will give even greater impetus to the development of the cryptocurrency industry.  

Official resources of the project BIZpaye:

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