Verasity platform to share videos of blockchain technology in the future.

 What is verasity

Verasity is a video sharing platform that will respect all those interested. Each and every one of those interested will connect with each other with the help of blockchain technology. Therefore, whether you are only the viewer or a creator or an advertiser, you will be connected to each other. This is to ensure that each and every stakeholder benefits, not just the platform that benefits. 

 Online video streaming is one of the fastest growing online industries. As a result, more and more people rely on online videos not only for entertainment but also for learning new things. However, viewers who are the most important component of online video streaming websites often do not get any benefit. Also, in turn, they have to pay a lot to see some content.

With the help of this form on blockchain technology, the public will only pay for the information they have access to. In addition, this will be minimal because the platform costs will be on the bottom side. Also, if they agree to see the ad, the invoice will be zero. As a result, viewers can witness the content they want without any interference. Content creators, on the other hand, will become an important part of the ecosystem. They can get value for the content they make. As a result, it will be easier for them to cook and make more content as well. With the help of blockchain technology, all these transactions will be carried out quickly and quickly, which will ensure that the monetization of the channel can be done easily.  

 For content creators.

Create special channels where videos will be uploaded;
Some types of monetization. On platforms, micro transactions are carried out in the easiest way to monetize the content produced. And the video streaming technology used by Verasity provides fast and convenient transactions, and most importantly, it protects bloggers and their audiences;
Sales of a portion of future income in exchange for a currency project, called VERA;
Possibility to choose how to monetize videos. Therefore, project participants independently choose ways to raise funds on their channel.

For viewers

Direct commercial relationships between channel owners;
Receive VERA coins to see ads from advertisers;
Support for the growth and promotion of channels in the Verasity ecosystem through VeraSparks services, while viewers receive a portion of Vera's coins, the channels received, as gifts to help content creators.

For brands and advertisers.

Quick payment directly to Verasity viewers to see advertisers ads;
Free access to viewers who are interested in viewing ads. This service analyzes the interest of viewers and guarantees a successful collaboration between interested viewers and advertisers;

Calculations with video content creators use VERA currencies, which in turn ensures verification of the Veracity Proof of View brand.  


Date ICO: 21-22-2018 until 11-07-2018

Token Acronym: VRA

Price: 1 VRA = US $ 0.0075

Platform: Ethereum

Currency received: ETH, BTC

Minimum investment: US $ 100.

Softcap: US $ 4 million .  

 This platform has an experienced and highly qualified team that works regularly to improve the project and take it to a higher level every day. In a short time, team members can place Verasity in a position with the largest project, work in this field and even in front of them, demonstrating the professionalism of the team.

Even at the beginning of the project, Verasity already knew the system-wide plan, he must be a jerk in the development and prosperity of the management. Well, he did it even more successfully than the creators planned. A large number of people use this platform, pay immediate attention to its advantages and find good benefits for themselves, because here users not only do what interests them, but also produce on it, they have fun. You can also be a successful participant in this platform, earning money in your favorite business. Join this project and find people who think the same, succeed with Verasity!


The growth of the streaming video market is very significant. If, in fact, the audience, as well as content creators, have the advantage of creating content, the platform will definitely get an attraction. When the platform gets traction, it is also easier for the token holder to obtain a higher token value. When remembering all these factors, it is important that you analyze this ICO more carefully because it can be a good opportunity in the video streaming industry.

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