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Every day we are in search of new solutions with the help of which we could find new, more attractive conditions for communication with the cryptocurrency environment. To do this, we consider each new project, identifying its advantages and features, then to realize whether it suits us or not. But no matter how we sometimes tried to find on the Internet something new and worthy, it is extremely difficult. Although neither is impossible! After all, sometimes to find the truth something worthy, you need to spend too much time. And as you know, "time is money", which is sometimes extremely difficult to return or restore to the previous level.Moreover, many projects deliberately deprive us of any profit, since their main goal is built only around their own profit. That naturally has a negative impact not only on the participants of this project, but also on the entire cryptocurrency space. As the mood of cryptoethusiasts also very important for the overall development in this field and technology in General.That is why the founders of this project developed a more reliable and weighty concept of their business. Participants of which will be able not only to receive real income from their crypto investments, but also to provide their relatives, colleagues and even friends with them. Intrigued? Then don't switch and read my review to the end.

About the project and its features

The project, the idea of which I decided to present to you today, is called – TROY. TROY is a unique blockchain project that reinforces the value of its coins with gold mined by the Australian company Bullseye Mining Ilt. This cooperation allows all holders of GOLD tokens from TROY to benefit from the real transition from digital assets to the world of real, gold products. What I think is very convenient, as the cost and value of gold has always been at a high level at all times. That is why such a bold step will not only expand the boundaries of the physical world, but also the digital one.If we talk about some other, no less important details. First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the first token of this project has already been launched in 2017. And after this time, I managed to identify some inaccuracies, after which the founders refined its structure to the most successful marker with the most reliable and high performance. The restructuring made it possible to start the development of new works and accelerate the development of TROY project. What I also think is important! Since many of us have long been tired of some weak and not worked out to the end of the blockchain ideas. Here, the developers have taken care in advance and conducted all the technical checks in advance, in order to eliminate any inaccuracies in its path now.


The main and probably the most important advantage of TROY over its competitors is the availability of reliable and secure storage, with which users of the TROY system will be able to carry out their transactions. Moreover, the security system is built in such a way that it involves several security checks, ranging from data personalization to biometric parameters of the user. As stated by the founders of this project, the TROYwallet system will be the most reliable and secure system of access to digital assets around the world. At the same time, it will not only be the most reliable and safe, but also the most comfortable to use! And all because the developers have made every effort to ensure that the effective use of existing technologies in the world, as well as competently apply all the blockchain tools for their GOLD tokens.Another incredible advantage of TROY is its regulation by public authorities, as well as full compliance with Sharia law. What makes the TROY project limitless to use for any users from all over the world.


ERC-223 TROY Smart Contract

When we are preparing for our Smart Contract, it takes us a long time to compare our options based on protection, compatibility and how easy it is for customers to use them. With this in mind, we decided to use the ERC-223 Protocol and this is the reason:

  • Enhanced Security
     ERC-223 handles transactions explicitly. This protects token holders from intentionally sending tokens to smart contracts. So far, this problem has resulted in more than $ 600,000 being lost from various smart contracts. With ERC223 this problem in the past.
  • Low Cost
    ERC-20 conducts transactions by sending tokens to smart contracts, and then forwarding tokens to recipients, this results in two transaction costs
    ERC-223 sends transactions directly to recipients without the requirements of two transactions and thus costs 50% less.
  • Blockchain Speed
    Because ERC-223 only requires one transaction as opposed to two, this technically halves the transaction speed. As a result, bloated blockchain Ethereum is prevented


As I said, the level of data and digital asset protection in TROY will be very high. Therefore, before you buy one of the GOLD TROY tokens, you will need to go through both the KYC and AML procedure. Passing these stages of verification will give you access to the ERC-20 ERC-223 standard token storage. The GOLD token itself will be ERC-223 of the standard, based on the Ethereum blockchain and will be distributed by means of ITO.The economy of distribution of GOLD tokens has a very logical course. The initial supply of coins will be only 27 million GOLD tokens. The maximum supply of coins will not exceed 180 million units. The total number of coins mined will depend on the escrow. If the developers do not reach the desired level when selling their token, the remaining tokens will be irretrievably burned.


Given the current situation on the cryptocurrency market, I am personally pleased to see such cool projects as TROY. As its level is the envy of almost every blockchain project. After all, their entire company and development strategy is thought out to the smallest detail. And all because the developers have prepared in advance all the necessary ground for its further growth and development. And also took into account the religious characteristics of the Muslim population, checking your project on Sharia law. Moreover, they passed an independent certification, or even more correctly, passed an independent audit and received a full certificate from Amanie Advisors LLC. Which once again confirms the seriousness of all intentions and raises the bar of this project to a new, higher level!Naturally, more advanced details and features TROY still quite a lot and I did not have time to talk about all of you in his short review. But let's not forget that you can study them yourself, using the official resources of the TROY project. And to make your search and study even more comfortable, I have prepared in advance all the necessary resources. Links are waiting for you at the end of this article.That's all from me, have a nice day and see you soon!

Official resources of the TROY project:


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