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 In recent years, among the population of our planet, interest in financial markets and new technologies has sharply increased. New startups are launched every day, new tools are being created and existing tools are being upgraded, the electronic era is rapidly replacing the industrial one. Due to the economic and political changes in property rights and the difficult economic situation in our country, in Russia, trading in securities on various stock exchanges and trading in digital assets is gaining in popularity. In this field, anyone with a phone / laptop and access to the Internet can, with the right approach, make hundreds or even thousands of times more money in a short period of time than an ordinary worker in an enterprise or office for his entire life. 


 In the international market today it is already difficult to meet a person whose portfolio would consist solely of shares or cryptocurrency assets of a single company. The portfolio of a modern investor is a whole set of various assets and instruments, significantly differing in the degree of risk and profitability, which collectively bring the maximum profit to its owner. In short, something like a saying - do not put all your eggs in one basket. But since it is impossible to guess here with a 100% guarantee of what kind of asset and at what time it will start to grow or fall in price, the portfolios include various tools that are capable of limiting significant losses with the help of restrictions in making super profits.  This process on the market is called hedging, that is, the limitation of possible risks with an unfavorable news background of a company. It is just this tool that limits the potential losses of the investor to the price of abandoning possible future super profits are options. That is, in simple words. something like a middle ground between bankrupt and wealth.Another concept of an option can be interpreted as a kind of contract, which is between 2 parties to the transaction, according to which one person undertakes to buy or sell an asset at a strictly agreed price on a certain day, regardless of its market value at the time of the transaction.   Options is a necessary thing in the market, as it gives the investor more advantages than he was guided only by his knowledge without any additional tools. Options save from sudden drops, as if smoothing the waves, minimizing the effects of market volatility, our investments with you and of course the nerves.  


 Previously, such tools were used exclusively in Forex- type securities markets , but now, with the development and popularization of Blockchaintechnology, more and more people are beginning to experience a lack of these tools in the cryptocurrency space. These questions prompted the Sparrow project developers to create their own unique platform, which could use modern tools to upgrade the distributed registry technology.  Sparrow is one of the world's first and leading peer-to-peer cryptocurrency options trading platforms, with which absolutely anyone can purchase or create an option with the necessary parameters in seconds.Immediately I would like to note that the Sparrow platform is almost fully implemented and fully functional, and not just a creators dream on paper. Anyone can register on this wonderful exchange right now and test its pleasant and intuitive interface. By the way, KYC still don’t forget to go through, without it nothing will come out, as the company is serious and for complete legality it is an extremely necessary measure. But you can be completely sure that the platform at one point without any warnings will not cease to exist, having borrowed all the funds of its customers, the development team will not dump Bali somewhere, because they simply will be planted for it.
 The project developers implemented the best platform to date, introducing options into the blockchain technology, creating the perfect symbiosis that allows people from around the world 24/7 to trade digital assets with complete confidence and maximum security, controlling all existing risks with calibrated strategies and modernized . The platform simplifies the functionality as much as possible so that it is understandable even to a beginner and even used in Sparrowterms people with little experience in this field will not have to google anymore to understand how these mechanisms, previously accessible only to professionals, work. Sparrow gives everyone the opportunity to earn, while reducing all possible risks to a minimum. All this is supported and spelled out in the blockchain on smart contracts, which means no fraud or fraud.  The whole system is built on 4 basic algorithms. Each algorithm is responsible for performing specific functions within the ecosystem. The whole system has passed numerous tests and works like a clock, while remaining very easy to handle. In addition, Sparrow has many other advantages.  


If you compare Sparrow with other similar projects, it has significant advantages over all others. Firstly, it is a very convenient functionality of the platform, as well as round-the-clock support service. Very convenient for beginners, the whole procedure for options takes only a couple of clicks. More exchanges on the platform occur instantly, that is, no longer have to wait longer. It is easy to keep track of prices, the monitoring system will offer you the most attractive prices for a particular asset taken, and Sparrow will not be charged any fees or fees for all the procedures. Also on the platform a system of discounts and bonuses. In general, Sparrow is not a platform, but paradise, come and buy! 




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It is safe to say that Sparrow is a really large-scale and promising product that is able to compete with all other cryptocurrency exchanges that exist today. Sparrow has a highly qualified team, reliable and strong partners, clear plans and ways to achieve them. In general, the project is interesting, for more detailed information you can follow the links.   #TradeatSparrow #SparrowOptions #OptionsTrading #HODLSmarter #REKTNoMore  

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