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In the world of modern abundance, it is difficult to imagine what our trade relations would look like if it were not for shipping. After all, thanks to this direction, about 90% of all goods sold in the world are sold annually around the world. And this I want to tell you, just incredible statistics.


Of course, as in any other major sector, the shipping industry is experiencing a number of difficulties and problems. And this is due in most cases to outdated working tools. After all, it is because of them that a large number of errors occur, too much time is spent on processing a particular application and much more. Thus, a vicious circle is formed in which all the participants of this market rotate and that the most offensive thing to break out of it, with the participation of the same old tools, is almost impossible. Why? Yes because, the centralized structure often works in manual and relies on speed and attentiveness of the concrete person. And as we all know, people unfortunately tend to be wrong, to be inattentive or scattered, which in turn entails a large amount of time and financial costs.And to make you even slightly began to understand the essence of the question and anyway its scale. I propose to take a look at the statistics, which records the total number of invoices and their cost in the final processing for the last 2017. In total, over $1.26 billion of invoices were processed in the entire shipping industry in 2017. The amount of their processing by logistics companies and other inspection bodies amounted to $34.4 billion. Just think! How expensive is the processing of those same invoices. And if they are still not correct or somewhere in the calculation was made a mistake, the amount may vary even more. In fact, this is a lot of money, especially given the total turnover of the entire shipping industry for 2017, which amounted to only $166 billion us dollars.

The new decentralized FINTECH project, the concept and idea of which we will now consider, intends to correct this situation.

About the project and its features

As you may have guessed, this project is a blockchain platform that seeks not only to improve all the above processes, but also to bring a new vein to them. Due to which the development of the shipping industry will begin to actively grow and develop, and calls this project – Payment Porte.Like any other decentralized solution, Payment Porte decided to use only the best tools available in the blockchain industry in order to achieve the highest levels of reliability, transparency and security in its processes. Therefore, for convenience, it was decided to develop a universal web application available to all participants of the shipping business, as well as other persons involved in it. This principle will not only simplify many current processes, but also create a single database, where each individual transaction will be recorded in a constant block chain.At the same time, the developers and founders of Payment Porte do not limit themselves on one web version and are already preparing available mobile applications for both iOS and Android systems. To connect it together will be a single payment port, the main function of which will be a fast and reliable exchange of Fiat and crypto currencies.


Certainly, this system was very popular and was able to quickly grow and scale, the team had to sweat a little to choose for themselves the most appropriate blockchain. Since each individual representative of this direction has its own subtleties and nuances. Therefore, in the course of a long search and reflection, their choice was made on the network Protocol Stellar, the register of which meets all the necessary technical aspects and requirements of Payment Porte.The obvious advantage of Payment Porte among the centralized institutions of management of shipping business will be obvious. First, the entire structure of reports and invoices will acquire a single and transparent environment, where everyone can see and recheck all the necessary facts about the ship and it's cargo. Secondly, due to the structured blockchain protocols, it will be much more convenient for people to form and fill in all the relevant invoices, making fewer mistakes in them and doing it in just a few minutes. This will increase the processing speed of each individual application, as well as the cost of its processing. That, third, will bring much more profits, not losses, as in the classic form of the shipping industry.As for me the benefits are obvious! Moreover, the founders of Payment Porte intend to present Bank cards for the convenience of using their platform, so that each individual payment in the system is processed even faster and better than it is now.


Of course, like any other blockchain system, Payment Porte uses its internal token – Porte as it's internal fuel. It will be the starting unit of reference and exchange between all participants of this network. Moreover, its availability will reduce almost to a minimum any Commission costs, as well as commissions for the transfer of some funds to others. In total, for the development of their ecosystem, the founders of Payment Porte intend to issue 700 million tokens with an initial cost of $0.05 per 1 Porte.


It is important to note that in the shipping market, Payment Porte has no competitors, since there is no existing blockchain project in the world that could embody at least similar intentions. Therefore, with the proper approach, Payment Porte has every chance to take a leading position in the market of services provided by the entire shipping industry. After all, no centralized structure can provide such high rates as Payment Porte, as well as guarantee such transparent, reliable and secure communication conditions within this structure.But let's not forget about the possible risks and before taking an active part in a particular program, I strongly recommend that you study all the official technical documents of the project. And also do not hesitate and ask all your questions in their telegram chat. To save your time, I have prepared all the necessary list of resources Payment Porte, links of which you will find at the end of this article.

Thank you for your attention and see you again!

Official resources of Payment Porte project:


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