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The foundation’s efforts are aimed at creating a new mechanism allowing for the use of cryptocurrency opportunities and developing efficient ways and methods for working with those in need.The foundation’s primary activity will be providing assistance in purchasing medical equipment and medicine for medical centers and hospitals around the world.But the foundation must be decentralized! Decentralized social projects and a secured currency are the keys to a healthy future.
Resources from the foundation cannot be used for purchasing weapons or for propaganda. The foundation has one goal: Help children.ISKRA is a real chance for our society to be a modern society with social accountability. Nearly half of the world’s diamonds are processed in Israel. With ISKRA, you have the unique opportunity to invest in the most reliable financial instrument. Diamond prices are stable and even more resistant to disasters than the price of gold! ISKRA is not just an investment, it is also a bargain. A bargain that you cannot get in store unless he has joined the Lucem project. This means that small businesses and novice traders will be able to join the elite club of stockbrokers. ISKRA does not just help children. It is also a profitable investment tool for anonymous safekeeping of capital. It is disappointing when in the modern world more money is spent on maintaining and servicing foundations than the foundations themselves spend on actual projects. Changing this system is long overdue, and every voice counts in society.



 ReliabilityBuilt on blockchain technology and using smart contracts,ISKRA is one of the safest, most reliable, and most secure digital currencies of the future.Charitable

ISKRA was created as a cryptocurrency that allows you to create a financial base for a charitable foundation to help children around the world.ProfitableBased on the forecasts, we expect the value of ISKRA to continually grow and believe that ISKRA is an ideal investment opportunity.Lucem is a decentralized reserve for helping kids. The reserve’s just concern will be to buy and convey therapeutic gear and prescription to kids everywhere throughout the world. (later on, new activities are conceivable: squander treatment offices, water desalination, green energy)* Complete reserve reviews, all bookkeeping, legitimate help, and all coordination will be paid for by the designers of Lucem and ISKRA. 



 Children need new methods for receiving help.Lucem team saw a need to make a difference in solving the social issue of children in need.For charity, we can and should take advantage of new technologies.The Lucem team was the first to see an opportunity to improve the fundraising process using digital technology. 


Lucem of Hope CommunityThe foundation is a decentralized platform where every user can propose a project.You choose whom to help and how.Lucem uses cryptocurrency with the goal of donating it to a charity. 


Name: ISKRA - Crypto Coin Of Hope
 Ticker: CCOH
Type: ERC-20
 Max Amount: 300.000.000
Price (Pre-Sale): ≈ $1 usd/[0.004 eth] =1 ISKRA
 min.Amount for txn: 0.2 eth
Recommended min.: 10GWEI and 121000 Gas 








Highlight the positive points:

  1. An innovative method of supporting children around the world.
  2. Full transparency in the activities of the fund.
  3. When you purchase ISKRA digital currencies, your funds are protected by the value of diamonds. Diamond prices are more stable and stable than gold. You will have a unique opportunity to exchange them for diamonds at any time convenient for you.
  4. Decentralization.
    A decentralized social project and a secure currency is the key to a healthy future.
  5. An excellent and competent team of developers who will definitely be able to finish the job and implement this project.
  6. Good grades from renowned experts and analysts.

After examining all aspects of this project, it is safe to say that ISKRA is a rather promising project that will help most people to take part in charitable activities by donating to charities and at the same time the project has high reliability, security and transparency. You can see for yourself if you follow the links below and study it in more detail. But always remember that you make any investments at your own risk. 

 For more information please visit the following links.








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