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  It is difficult to answer why all this happens, however, the fact remains. Every year there are more and more people who practice entrepreneurship. Whether it is connected with that news that Finance earned on usual work for hire on anything isn't enough or people all the same aspire to some independence and want to live better. Of course, each particular activity has its pros and cons, but some of them we still focus our attention.  

iOWN is a global decentralized investment platform that addresses the shortcomings of existing investment models, thanks to modern financial technologies. The project is a multifunctional online platform where users can use the services, choosing from the listed ready-made investment options. To access the platform services, iOWN project tokens will be used - this is its own internal digital currency, which is developed according to a special economic model. The platform allows you to combine different types of users: borrowers, investors, traders and many others. All users will find convenient and profitable services that will help you make the right financial decisions.  



People are more likely to carry their money in a casino or lottery in the hope of increasing their capital, despite the fact that there are more reliable and predictable tools like the stock exchange. Many explain this by the lack of knowledge or the fear of incurring high financial risks. For uninitiated citizens access to the investment market is practically closed, which in some proportion is the cause of the growing imbalance between the rich and the poor. The developers of the iOWN platform analyzed the main problems and obstacles and identified several characteristic points, including:

  1. Risk Management
    Security is usually scared by governments and financial regulators to restrict a large number of people from playing on the stock market. In spite of the fact that objectively stocks have higher chances of profit than gambling. The higher the risk, the higher the income, and in the case of venture capital, the income can be 10-100 times greater. However, unlike gambling, investing allows you to own shares of companies, which is an added advantage.
  2. Investor training
    Another reason why investments are considered too risky for individual investors is that picking stocks can be a difficult process, and a poorly balanced portfolio can lead to losses for investors. However, it is also no secret that fund managers invest their money in a passive index fund, which is a small portfolio of all companies in the S & P 500 index. The passive strategy may initially offer less potential profit in volatile markets. However, it provides tax advantages and reduces costs in general, and effectively outperforms actively managed portfolios. The question arises: does a retail investor lack the knowledge necessary to join this market?
  3. Cost reduction
    To join the market, you often need to contact a broker who will require a commission and a minimum amount of investment. Many old school brokers require at least 10 thousand dollars of initial investment with significant transaction costs and taxes, which creates a high input barrier. There are also mutual funds designed to unite retail investors to buy a total portfolio, but they also usually require quite substantial investments of $ 3,000 or more. One of the ways to solve this problem throughout the industry will be to digitize the assets and shares of the company and divide them into smaller and affordable units using blockchain technology. Many companies already issue their shares in the form of tokens or represent the company's capital and ownership of assets in the form of smart contracts. This allows users to buy stocks and invest in small amounts.

Currently, the stock market is too expensive for a retail investor, especially through all kinds of brokers and intermediaries, so the highest potential profit opportunities remain reserved for wealthy individuals, venture capital and corporations. The big players claim superior knowledge and risk management capabilities, but their portfolio management skills have recently been challenged. It may be time to turn to technologies and legal solutions that allow retail investors equal share ownership.  



How do iOWN developers propose to solve these problems and in what ways do they see business transformation tools using an open investment platform? To answer this question, we will look at specific services that have been developed for launch on the iOWN site, including:

01.Search for venture capital for start-up companies.

Regardless of whether a user starts a small startup, owns an established business or a consortium, there comes a time when additional funds or a liquidity infusion are required to develop a current business or start a new one. If there is no experience in finding investors and tools for interacting with venture funds, the user will be able to find out who to contact. Entrepreneurs will be able to get recommendations, and then compete with similar enterprises in their region. The simplicity of this process will allow to concentrate the main efforts on their products.

02.Reducing the risk of using venture capital

Despite a developed technological society, we retained investment models of the 20th century, when local entrepreneurs look mostly for local investors through their contacts or casual meetings, and then donate their business concepts under the management of venture investors who are only concerned with obtaining maximum profitability. as soon as possible. Many brilliant ideas and teams that in the long run could make a unique and sought-after product go bankrupt due to impatient investors. Venture capitalists are “massively investing” in 10–20 startups, expecting 5-fold return and quickly retreating from less successful or slower businesses. Thanks to iOWN, an entrepreneur will be able to control his risks and not be dependent on venture capital investors.

03.Attracting investment from a wide audience

At present, the globalization of information transmission via the Internet and advances in financial technology are pushing investment models beyond standard banking, financial institutions and traditional venture capital investment. The Blockchain technology allowed projects to raise more than $ 6 billion from 2014 to 2017 and another $ 8 billion in 2018 alone. At the same time, P2P lending increased by 50% and, by estimates, will reach 900 billion by 2024. Entrepreneurs using the iOWN platform will be able to use the new financing solution for their start-ups and businesses Crowd-Investment, which combines the best features of crowdfunding and private investment with decentralized Blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs get instant access to a global network of trusted and reliable investors.

04.Placing business information on the iOWN platform

Registration on the iOWN platform means that the company becomes part of the ecosystem and gets access to quality investors around the world. It also means gaining instant credibility, as the business is audited by iOWN experts and licensed auditors. With years of experience in the investment industry, the iOWN team knows what investors care about. The developers have created tools that will help entrepreneurs to demonstrate important information about their business.Automated fundraising tools on the iOWN platform are easy to set up and run. The team provides an algorithm that simplifies the distribution of profits and transfer of ownership depending on the campaign policy. Entrepreneurs themselves determine the duration of their campaign (only 15 days) and retain control over their business after successful financing (as opposed to the venture investment model). Learn more about how iOWN can help a business by reading the whitepaper at 



It turns out that this whole concept will significantly simplify all procedures, while qualitatively upgrading the old "classic" tools. Which I think is quite logical, given the current pace of growth and development of technology. Moreover, this technology will allow to connect directly different innovators with potential investors. That is, all participants in this market will finally find the very long-awaited freedom of choice and action. The result of which will be high-quality and conscientious activity on both sides. Entrepreneurs will finally find full funding for their projects for their further development and scaling. And investors will find a reliable start-up project, the development of which will be a pleasure.


As for the internal token, everything is very simple. The internal token of the project will be expressed as – iOWN token, the total number of parties in 450 million units. The starting price for one coin will be 0.01 dollars.

The distribution of the coins will be as follows: 



 In conclusion, I want to express my opinion: that such a platform can be decisive and developing the process of investing from around the world in a variety of useful, unique and profitable ideas that can make people more free, happy and create a reliable, profitable asset portfolios. I recommend you to get additional information about the project on these links below: 

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