I believe that people from the past centuries tend to surround themselves with various items of luxury and wealth. Of course I do not mean now absolutely everyone, as not everyone had the opportunity and Finance. However, people have always revered luxury items and glitter, enjoying their exceptional beauty and grace.


This love is not extinguished now. Moreover, now it has a powerful stream of development, because with age, many things become a historical relic valued at tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Here fit items such as: cars, paintings, jewelry and sculptural jewelry, rare collectible coins, as well as drinks of different varieties.Of course, access to such luxury goods has a very small part of the population, however, and it is experiencing enormous difficulties on its way. After all, I think each of you has ever seen or heard somewhere, as at various auctions people acquire all these luxuries and wealth. So, after the buyer has been identified, he does not run immediately to pay for his purchased object gloss, but on the contrary it is now waiting for a whole series of procedures related for the most part to the authentication of the object, its insurance and many other related procedures that allow to make this action under all laws.As you can see this chain of action is very long and long, moreover, it is also worth a lot of money. After all, at each stage you as a buyer have to pay all these relevant professionals for their competence in a particular issue. It turns out that you simply lose not only your time, but also decent money. It is not uncommon when there are groups of scammers and under the guise of professionals commit their illegal actions, leaving you with nothing. And there are enough such examples every year. What can I say at the hands of fraudsters people annually lose hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars a year. And I want to tell you this is not enough.That is why many experts have long begun to search for solutions to this problem, going through all the possible options on how best to do it. And as you may have guessed, this is the decision we are going to talk about now.

About the project and its features

It is not necessary to go far to understand that the project which we will consider today is decentralized and represents the internal Bow Token by means of which all subsequent system intends to work. The operating principle of Bow Token is very simple. Its main function will be to buy all possible luxury items, as well as the accompanying Analytics of each individual item, containing such characteristics as: date and place of production, geographical location, previous owners and much more.  

  This kind of auxiliary system is designed not only to simplify the entire cycle of the transaction when buying a luxury item, but also to bring in all this action reliable, transparent and safe environment. Where, in principle, the main role will be played by the blockchain technology itself with its cryptographic elements and developed smart contracts.


Thus, people of high society will finally be able to acquire a highly effective and reliable tool within which they will be able to verify the authenticity of the object, its price, and even its level of quality. That significantly reduce the time of purchase and other costs that accompany their traditional schemes.  

  At the same time, the presence of special identification numbers and auxiliary QR-codes will contribute to the reduction of fraudulent activity in the entire luxury and wealth industry. After all, it's no secret that Italy and France are considered the center of all these luxuries and gloss, which annually suffer from those same fakes and the hands of scammers, turning their dirty deeds.  

  Therefore, the appearance on the market of such a product as the Bow Token will meet the audience with a Bang. After all, the whole essence of Bow Token is aimed at performing its duties as efficiently as possible, as well as to automate all these routine processes to some extent, relying on the most reliable and safe tools of modern technologies.

Token details


Project Team





Of course, the idea of this project is designed for a more financially independent audience, which in most cases is directly related to the collection of luxury goods. Nevertheless, this review will be very useful for other structures of society, which are now the founders and developers of new luxury goods and wealth for our entire population. This can be easily attributed to various brands of clothing, automotive concerns, boutiques for the production of rare and collectible watches, as well as many other things. Therefore, for them, Bow Token will help to find a way out of this situation and solve urgent problems once and for all.  

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