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Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is BlockSafe, and for more details, let’s just go to the following discussion:What is BlockSafe Technologies?BlockSafe
Is a company that specializes in blockchain-based cybersecurity. They were founded in 2018, by a group with more than 17 years of experience as a team. Their overall goal is to bring safety and security to consumers.Problem
With any industry experiencing growth, there will always be people who appear to be rich behind others. The cryptocurrency industry has seen repeated themes over the past two years — Theft. In 2018 we have seen hundreds of millions of dollars stolen. This does not even include unreported losses. Although we seek interoperability, it undoubtedly causes major problems. Achieving this, and the convenience brought, we continue to introduce new gateways for unwanted system violations and entries. Between cellular, cloud services and desktops, our information is fragmented in a dangerous way. Safe solutions are needed to keep up with this growing industry. Although this may be a difficult task, because technology is growing day by day, it needs to be done.How will they finish it?
BlockSafe Technologies plans to fix the theft problem in this industry. Although theft will always occur, services such as those proposed by BlockSafe can minimize the amount of damage done.To achieve their goals, the company has plans for 3 main products:1. Crypto Defender
Secure your digital wallet by providing the following capabilities

  • Anti screen capture
  • Keystroke encryption
  • Anti-clickjacking

2. Defender Exchange
Contains CryptoDefender and ProtectID to provide exchange security.3. Blockchain Defender
Protect private blockchains by acting as a gateway for data.This is just a brief example of some of the features offered by each product. As the company develops, this product will become more expansive, and continue to adapt to the industry.This product combination offers a comprehensive security tool for everyday users. It’s much easier to be proactive, and prevent hackers from stealing funds / data, rather than being reactive. More often than not, reactive actions prove fruitless. By offering a platform like that exhibited by BlockSafe, users can be more calm, knowing that they are proactive in their approach to security.

BlockSafe is at the forefront of defending wallets and crypto exchangesMore than one billion dollars in cryptocurrency was stolen in 2018, a fourfold increase from 2017, and $ 9 million was stolen every day from individual wallets. Crypto wallets and exchanges themselves are safe, but access to them via the internet is often a weak link, which is manipulated by attackers. In addition, the majority of all cellphones worldwide have some form of malware in which malicious players watch secretly when users record passwords and other important information. This is the area defended by BlockSafe.About BlockSafeThe company has patented state-of-the-art technology that aims to overcome the challenges of large cyber security. Companies secure wallets, exchanges, and blockchains. The wallet is guaranteed through its CryptoDefender; Exchange is secured through ExchangeDefender while Blockchains is secured through its BlockchainDefender.At present, BlockSafe is said to be the spearhead of the exchange protection and crypto wallet. By 2018, more than one billion dollars in cryptocurrency are said to have been stolen. This is a fourfold increase from 2017. It is also believed that $ 9 million is stolen from people’s wallets every day. Crypto exchanges and wallets themselves are safe even though access to them via the internet is always considered a weaker link so that attackers can easily manipulate. Most cellphones around the world have some form of malware on board where malicious players can see silently when users record passwords along with other important information.

BlockSafe Technologies ™ (Crypto-Security) — Secure the Blockchain Ecosystem from the Hacks & Scammers Threat

We all know about the hacking of large exchanges that steal digital assets in various exchanges and the purses of crypto asset owners with enormous value. This is a lesson for all of us to protect our wallet and digital assets. It is important to maintain the security of all Hacks & Scammers. But you don’t need to be afraid of this, because there is already a platform of choice that is right for all of us. BlockSafe Technologies ™ (Crypto-Security) — Secure the Blockchain Ecosystem from the Hacks & Scammers Threat.BlockSafe Technologies ™ is the only US-based company founded in Wyoming with headquarters in Edison, NJ, 1090 King Georges Post Road, Suite 603, Edison, NJ 08837 USA, BlockSafe Technologies ™ (Crypto-Security) — Securing Ecosystems Blockchain From the Hacks & Scammers Threat that secures the blockchain ecosystem from all angles: wallet, exchange, and personal blockchain.BlockSafe Technologies ™ wide range of cybersecurity solutions, BlockSafe Technologies ™ introduces stability to volatile markets by protecting the blockchain ecosystem at the most vulnerable points: authentication and user interaction. Likewise, BlockSafe Technologies ™ has developed a proprietary method to maintain a blockchain that is permitted through transaction authentication, policy enforcement, DDoS mitigation, load balancing, and content filtering.BlockSafe Technologies ™ is a subsidiary of StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR), a leading provider of cyber security solutions to consumers, companies and government agencies. BlockSafe Technologies ™ has been granted licensing rights to implement and distribute award-winning cybersecurity technology offered by StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.9 Reasons Why You Should Choose and Join the BlockSafe Technologies ™ Platform

  1. Tackling Big Issues, Big Crypto markets, currencies and chain blocks are attacked by hackers. $ 1.1 Billion has been stolen in the first six months of 2018. Our product offers a comprehensive solution to this problem using patented technology.
  2. Patent Products, the Company has developed two products for direct sales — (CryptoDefenderTM & ExchangeDefenderTM). The third product, BlockchainDefenderTM. in development. Our products are protected by 10 patents (6 granted and 4 waiting).
  3. Large Market, This product is targeting the cypto user market (24 million today grows to 200 million by 2025) and companies that use private blockchains. The blockchain security market is expected to reach $ 355 billion by 2022.
  4. Experienced & Professional Team, This team consists of experienced veterans who have established companies in the technology industry.
  5. 17+ Years of Innovation, This product is licensed from StrikeForce Technology which has 17 years of innovation history in the Cyber

    Security Industry.

  6. Leading Advisor & TEAM, BlockSafe’s Advisory Board includes leading industry experts such as the former Homeland Security CIO and founder of Security University.
  7. Token Has SEC SECURITY, Token BSAFE ™ is an ERC 20 security token that complies with SEC regulations.
  8. Passive Income, BSAFE ™ tokens provide passive income in the form of 10% of product revenue.
  9. Token Liquidity, the Company has an agreement to register a token on the exchange in accordance with the SEC.

StrikeForce Technologies (OTC PINK: SFOR) is a company that provides services that we all know well. Do you know when you receive a text message with a six digit code to authenticate one of your accounts? That’s the service they can provide. StrikeForce claims to have created this technology and patented it years ago. And frankly, it’s already quite effective for security but it’s not very profitable for StrikeForce, because it struggles to stay afloat, according to a recent SEC filing. Entering the crypto room can provide the elevator that the company needs.Earlier this year, StrikeForce announced a new subsidiary, BlockSafe Technologies ™ — designed to provide security solutions for the blockchain and cryptocurrency business. At that time, BlockSafe also announced its interest in launching an initial coin offering (ICO) that sells BSAFE tokens. While ICO has not yet been launched, BlockSafe says it is almost ready to launch a cybersecurity service for a booming industry.Overcoming major problems Patented Products Large Market Crypto currencies and block chains are being attacked by hackers. $ 1.1 Billion has been stolen in the first six months of 2018. Our product offers a comprehensive solution to this problem using a proven patent.Token Details

  • Heart: BSAFE
  • Supply Tokens: 120,000,000
  • STO Distribution: 64%
  • Distribution Date: TBD

Sales Tokens

  • STO Start Date: Q4 2018
  • End Date STO: TBD
  • Raised: Looking for $ 27,000,000
  • STO price per Token: $ 0.25–0.50 USD
  • Currency Received: BTC, ETH, USD

Token allocation and Use of funds

  • 1%: Seed Round (1.2 Million Tokens)
  • 37%: Pre-STO (44.4 Million Tokens)
  • 27%: STO (32.4 Million Tokens)
  • 20%: Team / Advisor (24 Million Tokens)
  • 15%: Reserve (18 Million Tokens)
  • 37.00%: Expansion R & D
  • 17%: company
  • 15.00%: Operation
  • 15%: Marketing
  • 8.00%: Legal & Insurance
  • 2.00%: Miscallaneous


Team & Advisors*XhpeuYBC8baNcKt7.png


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