An Introduction to “GAIMIN.IO”*BDcRi1Q50bL5POsAl38_CA.png, connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which appertain to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the worldwide gaming community, with the fastest-growing, global demand for vast processing power for CGI rendering and cryptocurrency mining through a very simple and efficient platform. is a SmartClient which use high-powered gaming computers to automatically mine blockchains for coins and render CGI, the best thing about this system is; there is no need of the user to do any task.

Gaimin’s platform is an untouched solution that allows gamers to receive in-game assets as well as passive income just by keeping their computer on. The procedure to render CGI and mining coins is very user-friendly: automatically starts after a designated time of inactivity and conversely, it automatically turns off when the user resumes work or play on the PC. While the system is running, massive computation power is gathered And also stored and used for a range of rendering processes within the CGI world. It’s not only just for CGI, computational power is in high demand and at high shortage; almost everything from nuclear generators to national defense systems requires computational power. This technology also looks for the best coins in the crypto space that the user-friendly, and then it converts to a stable coin, depending on current data and trends. This a solution which is really simple, yet so powerful.*xz-s1Y6RAkELGU05LtDv1A.png

This platform was formed when the developers discovered the need of everyday computational power, especially for rendering CGI and those 9 out of 10 PC gamers found mining crypto currency makes too complicated or they do not have enough time to mine coins manually. Gaming PCs now days are very powerful to not to take advantage of their computation power and mining capabilities, therefore is platform is a simple program that can get gamers into this space just by a click of a aims to combine different technology to create new platform. Gaimin says that by bringing us together in a friendly way, will able to change the art of cryptocurrency mining industry.This platform also wants to convert the new gamers to be targeted in crypto, more than competing with existing mining networks or clients. Gaimin is the first provider of software to optimize this process. Just need to make sure that anyone is paying the energy bills on the board.*zL0T6Ektn4IG7_9VZNkolg.png

Benefits of Gaimin

  • The developers of the Gaimin have a clear intention to bring together two separate technologies into one — mining and gaming PC. It is very clear that a technical transaction that helps to identify the gaming PC. Gaiming PC s with high computational capabilities are incredibly helpful for the process of mining, which requires the use of modern GPUs and graphics cards.
  • Gamers are no longer using the laptops when Gaimin starts operating in the background. When PC kept on sleeping mode, this platform takes advantage of the same backgrounds, which allows the system to run complicate and high definition games which are complex to handle and profitable mining process.
  • This is one of the new technologies which is very clear that anyone can understand the information used in mining and gaming process. The cost of the average fuel bill is significant and the owner of the rig should be aware of the financial cost before allowing to mine.

Founders and Team Members*OEQDkh8lLT6hBNEaKhSpqg.png

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