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The blockchain industry continues to penetrate the most diverse sectors of the economy and financial institutions, which are hopelessly outdated several centuries ago, but due to the excessive conservatism of the powers that be, they continue to be widely used to this day. Today we will consider a blockchain project that plans to modernize an industry such as barter exchange , relieving it of all existing problems. But first things first.Barter is nothing more than the usual exchange between two or groups of people with different items or services, all of which occurs without the participation of money. All this existed long before the first money appeared.Barter schemes themselves have existed since time immemorial, another 6000 years before our era, the primitive Mesopotamian tribes exchanged among themselves various objects. Subsequently, barter relations are mentioned in the annals of ancient Babylon , where people exchanged weapons, various utensils and spices, sometimes even human skulls were used as objects of exchange .

Today, the barter system is also widespread in the world, but over the millennia it has only gotten worse, as between the two parties involved in the transaction various intermediaries appeared in the form of companies, banks, payment systems and various agents. As a result, the primary principle of P2P exchange between people has almost disappeared.*NzSAsmykdcTsXdM1.jpg

All this served as the reason for the creation of the BIZpaye company , which plans to modernize this industry, permanently rid the traditional system of the extra elements that have accumulated in it. The reorganization will take place with the help of innovative blockchain technology, which is able to return to this industry its lost primitive simplicity and save from arrogant intermediaries.

I would like to note right away that BIZpaye is not just another startup with dreams outlined in white paper, it is a large international business that has been functioning for 5 years and has already managed to establish itself well in the world arena. The company operates in 12 large countries, such as the USA, Germany, India, China and so on. BIZpaye is a multi-functional trading platform for B2B and B2C transactions, offering a qualitatively new approach to barter relations both to individuals and large enterprises. At the moment, the company’s annual turnover is already millions of dollars, blockchain technology will be able to modernize their business model and put it one step higher.


At BIZpaye, you can exchange any thing, including real estate, jewelry and stocks, in general, no limits and restrictions, but there seems to be no illegal exchanges there, for example, you can’t find an exchange of your wife / girl for another, but it’s a pity. The whole system is completely transparent and decentralized, each user of the ecosystem has a personal rating that displays the honesty and decency of the opponent, in general, fraudulent movements will not work there, all deceivers receive something like a red trust, they simply will not make transactions with them.*B2g853MEIdZV8ZGI.png

To complete the sensations and all the blockchain enthusiasts, their own exchange platform for exchanging digital currencies was created, on which anyone can easily and quickly exchange cryptocurrencies at profitable rates or buy something from the goods offered. The assortment is very impressive, each user will be able to find something for himself.

With the help of the internal ecosystem token, many interesting services from the company become available, for example BIZpaye Trade, BIZpaye Rewards, BIZpaye Licensee Program, a store, radio and many other useful things. With this unique token, people can exchange any goods around the world. The price of the token will only grow over time, as it provides access to many chips and unique service solutions that can replace a number of disparate paid centralized ecosystems.*eoqqOqM67Xq9DPNm.jpg

BIZpaye is really able to change and modernize the market, creating its own unique trade and economic model aimed at maximum transparency of transactions, their honesty and a qualitatively new approach made possible by the most modern technological solutions of recent years. The project already has everything necessary for a stunning success, it is abase of partners and clientsdeveloped over the 5 years of operation , a highly qualified team of developers, well-thought-out marketing, clear plans for the next few years of development, and funds to implement everything that was planned. In general, the project is quite interesting, for a more detailed acquaintance you can follow the links below.*_hP2uvCx3vuwk6Mx.jpg

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