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SAPPCHAIN is a decentralized end-to-end scrambled messaging App with the distributed exchange of cash and cryptographic money arrangements, in light of blockchain innovation and controlled by Artificial Intelligence that interfaces individuals totally free, safe and secretly. It is a multi-useful suburbanized visit application planned on the Ethereum Blockchain. This application gives the security and obscurity that individuals need to pick up, so as to build opportunity and security while imparting and trading data.


SAPPCHAIN intends to construct another universe of correspondence with quicker, increasingly secure and private interchanges. Our mission is to make the application progressively straightforward in light of the fact that we need to make this application accessible to however many individuals as could be allowed.

The arrangement is to have however many clients as could be expected under the circumstances, which will later assistance us to break into the worldwide market together.

SAPPCHAIN, will be the new age correspondence application, which will empower clients with consistent and secure trade of information; not just through talks and Audio and Video calls, yet in addition engage its clients with a few added highlights to help make a correspondence environment that isn't conducive for individual, yet in addition for expert purposes

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain innovation gives the planet more secure and efficient methods for working together. Blockchain, a decentralized innovation; drives the world to 'Worldwide Economy Transformation' entered and developed as an apparatus for the up and coming age of cash and money.

SAPPCHAIN is the world's first across the board decentralized start to finish encoded mysterious messaging App with the distributed exchange of cash, and digital money arrangements; controlled by Blockchain innovation and upset by Artificial Intelligence. Our Ecosystem will set up another period of secure correspondence and simply shared exchange of cash and cryptographic money coins to everybody you know.


• To construct a propelled biological system with a reception to the crypto economy.

• To be the most practical and simple to utilize the stage to encourage end clients and experts. • To quicken mass reception and increment the reliability of the digital currency showcase.

• To put the intensity of digital currency in the hands of the clients without the specialized complexities that encompass cryptographic money innovation.

• To make an application for correspondence in a system that won't rely upon servers, and won't be influenced by government structures. Sappchain consolidates an abnormal state of protection and security of client information with the most dominant usefulness – the Blockchain coordinated with Artificial Intelligence.

• To fabricate completely decentralized scrambled private messaging with an element that the messages can be consequently erased inside 24 hours or held.

• To assemble a safe savvy wallet that permits the exchange of cash and digital money coins between the SAPPCHAIN App clients.

New Age Communication Application

SAPPCHAIN is a token-based biological system, and the name of its underline token is called SAPPCOIN Token. SAPPCOIN is a token that will be utilized to trade benefits inside the messaging application.

Administrations in SAPPCHAIN incorporate cooperations with our AI Assistant (SAPPiO), administration overhauls inside the environment and getting boosted by alluding companions. The token is intended for utility inside our application and isn't a security token or a product.

By cooperating with the AI Assistant component on the stage, Smartphone clients can be able to win additional free tokens. The SAPPCHAIN group has an abundance of involvement in giving powerful information protection and security arrangements.

Why Sappchain?

Free: SAPPCHAT App is free, and it will be free until the end of time. There are no adverts, membership charges, or any concealed expenses.

Decentralized: Our stage is decentralized through blockchain innovation. Assaults on your delicate information are inconceivable on the grounds that, essential encryption keys are appropriated among thousands of PCs around the globe. In contrast to incorporated frameworks, Sappchain stage has no single server that could be hacked, or hindered by governments.

Blockchain controlled: The SAPPCHAT App uses Ethereum-based Blockchain innovation savvy contracts to build up secure, private and believed correspondence connects between our clients. Your gadget does not store any information. It communicates straightforwardly with the Blockchain, where each byte is completely scrambled. The start to finish encoded messages of the clients can never be perused by outsiders (counting engineers, or any other individual).

Man-made brainpower fueled: The AI gives new administrations inside SAPPCHAT Messaging App for the better client experience. With this one of a kind element, clients can all the more likely understand their identity visiting with, which will perpetually improve their talking background. It gains from the client pre-composed reactions or messages and enables make to keen reactions when the need emerges. Moreover, it gives an AI-controlled social attendant service, called SAPPiO. Clients can ask SAPPiO something like "Where is the closest eatery?" and get a moment and inviting reaction.

Unknown: We accept that individual client ought to choose the sort of data they might want to make open or keep. SAPPCHAT App is the most secure correspondence start to finish encoded messaging App that doesn't demand your email address, telephone number, address book information, area information.

Multi-Device Support: Enjoy the most extreme accommodation by running a similar record on various gadgets.

Exceedingly secure: Our security convention created on certifiable start to finish encryption and blockchain based validation calculations surpasses the present prerequisites against a wide range of dangers. As such, SAPPCOIN shields client's information from programmers with the coordination Blockchain innovation.

Across the board arrangement: The SAPPCHAIN Network is an across the board arrangement, highlighting texting, voice and video calls, yet in addition a safe crypto wallet, moment cash move, and more. Clients can get to the system through the easy to understand SAPPCHAT App.

Computerized encryption: Stop agonizing over the security of your information. The entire complex encryption procedure is completely mechanized.

Impeccable Business Solution: SAPPCHAT App is appropriate for organizations. We accept that encoded messaging is basic for keeping business data secure and private. SAPPCHAT has coordinated first class security to guarantee safe business correspondence among colleagues, just as speaking with interior and outside contacts.

Unknown MasterCard: SAPPCHAIN MasterCard is called SAPPCARD that will furnish clients with the chance to pull back their cash from ATMs anyplace on the planet.

Free Instant Payment/Transfer of Currency (EUR/USD/GPD/… ) in Chats: Convenient approach to send moment cash to a relative or make installment for products and enterprises while visiting in the meantime. Move the cash without charge as basic and helpful as a text. SAPPCOIN empowers moment P2P cash move by means of photographs, email or instant message. Send cash to your companions, pay in stores, on the web, or transmit to your family.

Free Instant Transfer of Cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH/SAPP/… ) in Chats: Easy cryptographic money store and move to the general population you know while visiting.

Zero Fee Money Transfer: SAPPCOIN keen secure wallet is the option in contrast to your current online wallet. There is no month to month charge, negative loan costs, and it accompanies zero expenses for cash move.

Straightforward and Secure Fund Wallet: SAPPCHAIN does not hold your cash or information. Your assets are exceptionally verified and secured in the Blockchain cloud.

SAPPCHAIN is a multifunctional decentralized texting application based on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20). While offering clients all the great highlights of a visit application, it additionally gives clients a lightweight cryptographic money in-fabricated wallet. Clients can send and get tokens from any crypto wallet to the e-wallet inside the application. Through the wallet, clients will probably purchase, sell and trade SAPPCOIN among network of clients, and utilize the SAPPCOIN Token as credits for installments inside the application.

While speaking with family and companions through SAPPCHAIN, the application will offer a lot a bigger number of functionalities than the regular texting applications. SAPPCHAIN is a brought together texting application with highlights that are valuable for individual and export purposes.

Rather than utilizing concentrated servers, SAPPCHAIN has information and ensures client protection by utilizing the blockchain for document stockpiling, and decentralized record sharing to disseminate messages. This permits SAPPCHAIN to dispose of the need to halfway process instant messages and calls, taking into consideration a worldwide strategy for nothing, secure, and mysterious correspondence.

Encoded and Decentralized Data

The application itself doesn't gather individual data, for example, your names, telephone number, and some more, however, it principally prompts for a username and a secret phrase so as to begin messaging. In this way, SAPPCHAIN makes client's information to be encoded and decentralized, with no recognizing information gathered, making it difficult to follow information back to singular clients.


  2. Token Symbol: SAPP (ERC-20)
  3. Token Supply: 500,000,000,000



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