Blockchain development encompasses a long ways past simply advanced types of cash these days. What's more, remembering that these financial structures are by far blockchain's most eminent use case, the potential for blockchain far outperforms an immediate trade of huge worth.

The gaming business, for example, has constantly been truly flawed in view of the extent of issues. Various players feel particularly worried over the confirmation of their data, false activities, high charges, and most by far of all, preposterous and hid shots.

Perhaps the best trouble looked by blockchain gaming is speed. The vast majority of the present frameworks are basically preposterously moderate for certified gaming. Take a genuine point of reference: in a continuous multiplayer redirection, even an incredibly essential movement can without a doubt trigger a course of state changes. In any case, since existing blockchains are exorbitantly moderate, even this essential move can make a veritable toll on the edge rate in light of the way that every single state change must be affirmed on the blockchain.

In these cases, P2P doesn't just mean conveyed; it infers player-to-player. As with the other P2P adventures that blockchain is irritating, for instance, FinTech, there are presently a ton of habits by which blockchain development is being associated with decide these issues and a ton a more prominent measure of the troubles looked by the gaming industry. Here are just a couple.


Personal Wager is a completely operational Player to Player or Head to Head wagering framework situated at As a wager between two players on a round of expertise, it is legitimate in a lot a bigger number of wards than web betting, including everything except 12 USA states. This record won't delve into the subtleties of PersonalWager tasks, as they are portrayed

in detail in the going with PDF document. PersonalWager is making its very own Utility Coin called PlayerWonCoin ("PWC") to help with encouraging the wagering between players around the globe.


Personal Wager's vision is to make an all around open eSports Player to Player (P2P) wagering framework, enabling players in any nation to wager without anyone else ability with players at home or in some other nation. Sooner rather than later, with venture into an AI to AI (A2A) framework through the securing of GameBotsOnly, Personal Wager hopes to be the accepted standard for Human versus Human, AI versus AI, and Human versus AI wagering.


The PlayerWonCoin ("PWC") arrangement tackles the majority of the previously mentioned issues and impediments by making a straightforward "utility coin" which goes about as put away an incentive for players exchanges.

All exchanges happen in the PWC inside the PersonalWager site, yet the buy and clearance of PWC can be in any monetary forms around the world – FIAT or Crypto.

Notwithstanding the put away worth, the supply/request framework will enable the PWC to buoy dependent on its own benefits, and it isn't attached straightforwardly to any FIAT or Cryptocurrency.

What is an ICO+?

How we are driving an upheaval in the Utility Coin based Crypto-Funding Industry with the ICO+.

A run of the mill ICO depends on the financial specialist purchasing Coins in the task, with the expectation that the estimation of the coins goes up and he can sell them later at a benefit.

The issue with the vanilla ICO model is:

Liquidity – There may not be a market to sell your coins anytime later on.

Coin Value – There is no benefit share/profit system to give any benefit to coin holders.

Absence of Market Makers – Coin benefit of existing ICOs is somewhat similar to tossing seeds onto the ground and trusting something develops. Without supporting, very little develops.

Disappointment – There may not be a finished item/administration toward the finish of the assets.

Expanding on the aptitude of Mr. Niessen and experience picked up in making and working the Startup Stock Exchange,

Personal Wager has made another sort of ICO, called the ICO+.

It tends to the issues above without turning into a STO (Security Token Offering).

The ICO+ gives answers for the accompanying issues:


The Player Won Coin (PWON) is the main route for Personal Wager clients to make wagers, and they must be purchased from the open market through existing trades.

Coin Value

The coins will naturally locate their own worth dependent on free-market activity, however, what's more, every time the coin hits a pre-decided worth, it will be a forward part, giving more coins at lower esteem for every coin.

Market Maker

Personal Wager will enrol a market producer to guarantee liquidity and reasonable coin esteem. While the base cost of the coins is equal to US$0.10, each time the coins reach US$0.20, they will part 2:1, giving exponential development potential.


PersonalWager is now finished and operational in overall BETA tests.

Focal points

Imaginative Solution

We have built up an answer to enable ANY player to wager against another player, on ANY game, ANYwhere on the planet.

Trustless Platform

Nobody part-possesses or controls the player's information guaranteeing that there is finished straightforwardness and trust for all player's report cards.

First Mover Advantage

We have the primary mover advantage on an answer tending to an issue with the quickest developing industry at any point seen on this planet.

Stunning Team

We are a group of exceptionally energetic industry specialists in Gaming, Wagering, Crypto, Payment Systems and Large-Scale I.T.


Wagering between two people depending on their own expertise is legitimate in numerous wards, including everything except 11 US States.

Huge Market

The whole world is our market by enabling a player from Asia to wager against a player from Africa easily and trust.

Token Information

Ticker: PWON

Token Name: PlayerWonCoin

Token Platform: ERC 20

Token Price: $0.10

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PWON

ICO Hardcap: $25,000,000

ICO Softcap: $250,000

ICO Supply: 250,000,000

Minimum Purchase: $25.00

Private Sale: 50,000 PWC

Public Sale: 200,000,000 PWC

Available options to buy PWC : BTC, ETH or FIAT

Token Distribution

Seed Investors - 100,000,000

Technology Acquisition - 150,000,000

ICO/SCO - 250,000,000

Future Purchases for Wagers - 500,000,000

Total - 1,000,000,000

Project Roadmap

February 2012

Concept Sketched Out

March 2012

Mark I Development Started.

October 2012

Mark I Version Released, Testing Began.

Feb 2013

Testing Completed, Results Reviewed.

April 2013

Mark II Version Development Started.

October 2013

Mark II Version Released, Testing Began.

January 2014

Founder Begins Startup Stock Exchange Project.

Personal Wager on Hiatus.

May 2017

Review of Industry. Personal Wager still too early.

Crypto infrastructure not in place yet.

January 2019

The World is Ready! Founder Exits Startup Stock Exchange.

ICO+ Preparations Begin.

June 2019

ICO+ Presale Begins.

July 2019

ICO+ Pre-Sale Ends.

ICO+ Begins.

September 2019

ICO+ Ends.

Personal Wager Operations Begin.

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