Basic Review

Introduction of new technologies has become common in the financial services practice: payment solutions, mobile payments, biometric identification, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, blockchain and others.

Cryptocurrency on the market, which is closely associated with blockchain-market, has acquired its own infrastructure, in the image of the stock: own banks, brokers, regulators, investors profiled, kriptobirzhi, specialized hedge funds.

Digital assets and cryptocurrency quickly becoming an integral part of our lives. Thus today there is still a lack of user-friendly services for digital asset management. Unfamiliar interfaces cause of the difficulty, and each action is necessary to use a separate service. blockchain technology is becoming an important part of the global economy and big business.

OKSCHAIN Ecosystem provides its users with a wide functionality for managing digital assets, making payments, and gives access to the investment in modern technologies and startups. In addition, the team is going to develop OKSCHAIN line of payment solutions for the mass market. OKS Coin will be used by participants of the ecosystem for daily payments. High speed of transaction, reliability and safety - these are the distinctive features of OKSCHAIN.

Becoming a user OKSCHAIN, you get easy financial service, which brings together the world cryptocurrency and traditional world of finance. Moreover, our users can become investors of venture capital and technology startups, OKSCHAIN partners.

OKSCHAIN Ecosystem

OKSCHAIN -a decentralized financial ecosystem for a wide range of participants. Ecosystem partners use it for storing digital assets, payment for goods and services, payment acceptance, use a service for digital asset exchange and P2P lending, as well as they invest in startups. In the near future SOCKSCHAIN creation infrastructure for operations with cryptocurrencies and digital assets and development of own developments in the field of hardtech, ECOTECH and AI.

Problems and solutions


  1. Cryptocurrency not yet perform its function as a means of payment
  2. Loan against cryptocurrency available
  3. High Commission for the exchange of digital assets
  4. Poor usability and legal restrictions on the exchange of digital assets.
  5. Few options for investment in cryptocurrency lending P2P-
  6. Modern cryptocurrency inconvenient, not combined with payment systems
  7. Most cryptocurrencies have vulnerabilities in the security sphere
  8. Investments in start-ups are not available for most people
  9. Due to the lack of knowledge about startups, people often invest in fraudulent projects

Solutions proffered by OKSCHAIN

  1. Convenient wallet for storing digital assets and cryptocurrency with the ability to convert
  2. OKSCHAIN users can quickly get a loan online
  3. Low commission for the exchange of digital assets
  4. Comfortable and secure service for the exchange of digital assets with no legal restrictions
  5. Issuance of loans secured cryptocurrency
  6. Integration with modern payment systems
  7. Sophisticated security system
  8. Millions of people open access to venture capital investments
  9. Literate Selection of venture and technology projects


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