The real essence of blockchain and cryptocurrency is to distribute decision-making powers from central authorities and big powerhouses through decentralization. One of the more interesting features of cryptocurrency is that it can't be controlled by any middlemen or authorities. On platforms like Bitcoin network where the framework is peer to peer, the transfer of real value does not require the contribution of any central power, since exchanges are approved by a distributed set of miners that exist on the system. Sadly the concept of decentralization which exists as the basis of cryptocurrency has not been completely adopted in cryptocurrency exchanges. Majority of popular exchanges with massive trading volumes are designed on centralized framework rather than on decentralized framework.

While blockchain technology has been remarkable for business and administration because of the level of transparency and security, it is still up to cryptocurrency exchanges and their clients to protect important information and assets

I have used different cryptocurrency trading platforms and seen that most other users are often confused about making choice of cryptocurrency exchanges due to some of the problems faced on the platforms. These numerous problems such as insecurity, scalability, ease of use, simple user experience and many more are the reasons why the MoonX platform is created. Moonx will alter the crypto trade framework particularly in its effort to making it individuals oriented and free from all middlemen and powerhouses.

What is Goose Queue all about?

Goose Q is a comperehensive blockchain based solution for the global logistics industry
Goose Q is a DAPP developed for the global logistics industry that utilizes blockchain technology to secure users data and to facilitate information and value flows. It operates with specific gadgets to record information from trucks, then encrypts it, and securely saves it on a blockchain.

The platform is already deeply integrated into existing Chinese logistics IT infrastructure, that includes cargo companies, vehicle carriers, actual transport vehicles, drivers and other platforms, thus Goose Q is able to gather a full range of visual, verifiable, trusted, traceable, anti-fraud data and securely process it with help of DLT. In order to increase driving safety and reduce amount of traffic accidents,

Goose Q combines a variety of safe driving algorithms that analyze high scope of environmental information and provide users with comprehensive safe driving services. In cooperation with China Unicom, leading Chinese telecommunications service provider, Goose Q is issuing Daluka sim-cards designed especially for truck drivers. With Daluka sim-card it is possible to use a bunch of logistics and entertainment application free of charge for traffic consumption.

Thus Goose Q is able to gather huge userbase for data collection and solve one of main problems of the logistics industry – lack of data to control fraud of invoices.

Goose Q utilizes in excess of 290 safe driving calculations, (for example, driving circumstance cautioning, path takeoff cautioning, crash aversion framework, exhaustion driving identification, and so forth.), social capacities, group fuel-sparing, driving is mining, and other worth added administrations to upgrade truck wellbeing. Simultaneously, utilizing the blockchain innovation to transfer the entire procedure of the direction to a super-record of blockchain, utilizing the detectability qualities of the blockchain to fathom the difficult purposes of information misfortune, mistake and extortion in the 10 trillion duty the board of China's coordinations industry.

Goose Q interfaces the vehicles through the "Daluka" and sorts out the vehicles to fly like a geese group by calculation. The breeze turbine is broken by the head vehicle, and the backside vehicles keep up the development shape, in order to accomplish the impact of sparing fuel by enormous trucks.

During the time spent preparing information, Goose Q executes solid security insurances for client information to guarantee the privileges of information makers. Goose Q would like to make a conveyed and dependable information affirmation stage for a wide range of endeavors and administrative experts in the coordinations business through blockchain innovation.

The Goose Q undertaking has gotten solid help and enormous advancement from the legislature, and coordinated with the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP is an information authentication endowed by the Ministry of Communications and the State Administration of Taxation to deal with the vehicle free bearer stage, and is subjected to the national auxiliary service legitimately under the State-claimed Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.), the most astounding approved foundation in the coordinations business.

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