DONOCLE - An honest global lottery based on Blockchain technology

Individuals everywhere throughout the world love lotteries, since utilizing an exceptionally little commitment, they get an opportunity to get rich or get what they need. The lottery market is developing each year, for instance, one year from now its volume may increment to 376.87 billion dollars. In the meantime, a large portion of the lottery market is involved by online lotteries. Nonetheless, in spite of such a high prominence, this zone has a few detriments, which include:

absence of Transparency;

plausibility of control;

a low degree of certainty.

To take care of all the above issues will permit another world lottery called DONOCLE, which uses Blockchain innovation in its work.


DGBLS is DONOCLE Lottery(Lotto, TOTO) Operating System that joins blockchain with GLOS(Global Lottery System) of Korea which is comprehensively famous for its use in overseeing Sports TOTO(Korea) System.SmartX Blockchain Platform.SmartX Blockchain Platform is a stage that has accomplished comfort, notoriety, financial favourable position and lightweight by receiving Blockchain Hash Algorithm on Mobile SmartX Platform, and it has essentially diminished Blockchain support cost contrasted with regular Blockchain that has been depending on GPU or ASIC equipment which is truly costly. DONOCLE B System (Blockchain Donation Direct Transfer System).DONOCLE B System is brought to settle a nonsensical piece of customary gift framework. This new Donation Infra-System moves gift assets to Beneficiaries or Beneficiary Organizations straightforwardly and soundly on Blockchain innovation.


The Lottery Industry is developing on the assistance of Cryptocurrency, and our straightforward and institutionalized framework will lead the market. DONOCLE Team believes that Blockchain Industry will be connected with our genuine economy and

they will build a protected undertaking with their involvement in Online Game and Mobile Game market.

Game Entertainment and Standardization of Global Lottery System

Involvement in Blockchain Platform improvement.

Involvement in creating and overseeing Global Online Lottery (Lotto, Sports Toto, Betting) Solution.

Created and oversaw Global Online Game and Mobile game.

Donocle is where fair lotteries will be held with the chance to utilize 50 diverse digital currencies. Some portion of the returns from the lottery will be coordinated to philanthropy. The undertaking offers the chance to take an interest in the lottery to individuals from any nation of the world, since it is worldwide and dependent on blockchain innovation. The utilization of blockchain makes the lottery reasonable, which ought to draw in an enormous number of individuals. To take an interest, you have to purchase a lottery ticket and utilize 6 digits from non-standard squares of the bitcoin chain. You can utilize 50 cryptographic forms of money for installment, which will be acknowledged on the stage.

Every lottery ticket will be enlisted in the blockchain, so every client will almost certainly discover data about the wager sum, number and cost of the ticket. A lottery ticket on the stage will cost 0.0001 BTC or the identical in different cryptographic forms of money. Tickets will be sold until a fixed time, and after the deal will be affirmation of the prize cash. Members who speculated the greatest number of digits out of 49 will share 75% of the prize pool. Members who effectively anticipate 5 numbers from 49 will be isolated between the disappointment of 12.5% of the prize pool. Members who speculated 4 digits will get 0.005 BTC, and the individuals who speculated 3 digits will get 0.0005 BTC. Donocle will utilize a unique mix that improves dependability and soundness.

Rule of activity

The primary distinctive highlights of DONOCLE is that this lottery is worldwide and permits individuals from around the globe to take part in it, just as the utilization of Blockchain innovation, which makes all procedures reasonable and straightforward.

To partake in the lottery, every player must:

purchase a ticket utilizing the inner DDL token or some other money from the best 50 cryptographic forms of money of the world;

utilize 6 digits as the lottery number from non-standard BTC square qualities.

It is imperative to focus on the way that each ticket is recorded in the Blockchain, where you can discover data about the buy number, wager sum, ticket cost and significantly more.

Tickets are obtained until 11: 30 UTC, after which all deals are suspended to affirm the prize assets. Along these lines, members who speculated 6 digits out of 49 in the lottery will share 75 percent of the prize pool, who speculated 5 numbers-12.5 percent, and speculated 3 and 4 digits – 0.005 and 0.0005 BTC separately. The expense of the lottery ticket will be fixed-0.0001 BTC or what could be compared to this sum in altcoins.

Token information

Token - DDL
Platform - Ethereum
Type - ERC20



2018 Q1

DONOCLE Whitepaper development.
DONOCLE project designing and technical aspects research.
MIB Blockchain Platform linkage research.
(SBP : SmartX Blockchain Platform).

2018 Q2

DONOCLE PTE.LTD Singapore branch establishment.
(Donocle Global Blockchain Lottery System).
DONOCLE Offcial website.
DGBLS™ designing.

2018 Q3

DONOCLE Project.
Pre-Sale start.
IDCM Listing contract.

2018 Q4

HongKong branch establishment.
(DONOCLE International).
DONOCLE Project Demo Demo.
Lottery License acquisition.
(Two foreign regions).

2019 Q1

Transaction starts on Exchanges.
(HongKong, Korea).
Global Marketing.
March : Trial service toward global users.
March : POS System test.
April : Main Service launch.

2019 Q2

DONOCLE business expansion.
DONOCLE Donation Foundation establishment plan.

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