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We talk, sob and giggle. Here and there I offer guidance regarding the story through expansion. The creator picks up the intensity of his sympathy, offers thanks, and thinks about the proposition. Correspondence among scholars and perusers has turned into a significant establishment for the making of the online age. We endeavor to make an all the more reasonable and stable contract that makes resource esteem through correspondence between the craftsman and the peruser.

The embodiment of the story industry - human issues and the requirement for decentralization.

For what reason does the story industry need a chain of squares?

What Excatly is Storichain?

This implies a media industry dependent on stories, for example, motion pictures, dramatizations and web kid's shows. The job of merchants in the advanced history industry is sure in light of the fact that they are focused on the end client in his endeavors to guarantee ideal advantages for his auxiliary work. Be that as it may, what number of screenwriters can profit by 10 million movies? What number of conventional perusers will profit by perusing and noting unique books? When a unique article is sold under second copyright, how frequently is "abundance pay" dispersed to the first writer?

What is the story industry?

This implies media enterprises dependent on accounts, for example, motion pictures, shows and webtoons. The job of merchants in the present story industry is certain on the grounds that they are committed to the end client in their endeavors to give ideal advantages to their optional work. However, what amount would screenwriters be able to profit by 10 million motion pictures? What number of nonexclusive perusers profit by perusing and reacting to unique books? When a unique article is sold under second copyright, how regularly is "abundance pay" dispersed to the first writer?

I think the issue of disseminating overabundance benefits yesterday and today, yet tomorrow won't occur once more. Presently it is important to disseminate and circulate reasonably to the creators who made the story of the beginning of the media added substance industry. Later on, it achieves 130 trillion won. Then again, dependable gathering of solid quantitative information is exceptionally troublesome and can be utilized as a reason for circulation. Dispersed Ledger Technology (DLT) enables you to all the more precisely measure "innovative commitment information" The opportunity has arrived to offer prizes. Furthermore, in the event that you can turn your story IP (protected innovation) into an advantage, gather cash from story IP, and track key contributory information from creation, at that point it will be a totally new way of life in two inventive regions.

Storichain highlight


streamlined for makers

Cooperation/joint account/contract between creators, week by week repayment and API for outsider challenges giving organization


Whenever, anyplace you need to recount to a story.

Straightforward and quick composition stage.

Important accomplice

Author Compliance/Cooperation Agreements/Job Statistics/Update Notifications/Creating Detailed Commissions

Interest in

A stage for crafted by perusers, getting to be authors themselves, making stories and taking an interest in them


The stage that energizes members was reasonable and straightforward dependent on their info.

Worldwide stage

A worldwide stage that can be deciphered, sold or even copyrighted for worldwide extension

A spot where everybody can keep their own data in a space where the mystery circumstance can be put into stories

Discounts are accessible for new segments. Scene-based reaction, sharing, rating, proposals

Your commitment to perusing for creation is likewise founded on your reaction!

Cut-in Talk: Commentary between on-screen characters

An honor to be given subsequent to giving the craftsman a scene of individual life

Conveyance of copyright salary as development list

A vivified watcher for your perusers. Crypto-Actor change work!

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