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The potential in this growing market along with the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies makes new projects extremely appealing for investors and users alike. But the market for cryptocurrencies is not fully realized nor is there complete and seamless integration between digital currencies and their application in the short-term lease sector in one decentralized network.

Companies like AirBnb have continued to grow since 2016, and shape the sharing economy as well as impact the traditional hospitality sector. Airbnb demand reached 10 percent of traditional hotel demand in many markets, claiming a growing percent in markets where shared economy originally posed little competition.

The result of this growth is already seeing more companies focusing on short term rentals, which will make the market for renting hotel rooms, private properties or accommodation even more dynamic in the following years.
The bamboo plant, one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, is known for its endurance. The plant withstands cold winters and hot summers and after a storm, bamboo plants are sometimes the only “trees” left standing.

Mission of BAMBOO

Bamboo drives insurance accessibility by galvanizing contributing specialists on a massive blockchain Ecosystem with
artificial intelligence and machine learning embedded technology to deliver innovative and borderless transformative
healthcare to eradicate the health protection gap


Bamboo solves the problem of fraud and risk associated with the insurance industry as well as falsification of the food supply chain by utilizing blockchain technology. In a world where high levels of pesticides are found in vegetables, parmesan cheese is replaced with wood pulp and seafood is replaced with products from sources that cannot be traced, BAMBOO Ecosystem will provide the final solution. It is very worrying to think of the high health risks that consumers are exposed to through the products they consume. By implementing blockchain technology to track food from its origin, this risk will be eliminated.

For example, regulators in Singapore found pesticides in lettuce when several consumers had already bought the product. With the BAMBU Ecosystem, this problem will be revealed much earlier in the supply chain, saving money and lives. On the other hand, when insurance claims are transferred to an unchanged ledger, the common sources of fraud in the insurance industry are reduced.

BAMBU Solution Proffered:

  1. Develop HMO / MCO and MOU with Community Dieticians, MOH, and health entities
  2. Develop smart contracts and concept applications for autonomous and food monitoring
  3. Develop backend for COC from off-chain data and MOU
  4. Have a healthy ecosystem that will be updated through public awareness
  5. Have a publicly owned food inspector
  6. Harness wisdom marke

Why Conduct a Security Token Offering?

  • As opposed to initial coin offerings, security token offerings bring added transparency and security safeguards for investors.
  • Security tokens offer increased compliance with legal requirements. This is ultimately beneficial for investors, the executing company and regulators.
  • Security token standards are largely uniform (as long as they are SEC compliant) around the globe and result in a larger, more diversified pool of qualified investors (every investor undergoes KYC and AML checks, including the founding team).
  • Equity holders have their rights protected legally and are entitled to their benefits, rather than relying on the founding team’s promises and goodwill.
  • A public STO attracts participants from around the world, tapping new markets and creating a global network effect.
  • Security tokens support fractional ownership of equity, which allows for more flexible contributions and facilitates both investments and fundraising.
  • Blockchain technology, which powers security tokens, allows for tamper-proof, transparent records and immutable smart contracts which facilitate dividend distribution and more.
  • The issuing of a security token enables investors to get so-called “fractional ownership”. Because underlying security is divided into a certain number of tokens, issuers benefit from increased liquidity and a much larger circle of potential investors.
  • Security tokens are also extremely attractive for investors. Virtually every interested investor worldwide who has Internet access and a corresponding wallet can purchase security tokens.
  • Since the blockchain as a tamper-proof, robust database document all transactions and changes in token ownership, regulators can easily track how tokens have changed ownership and who currently owns them. This enables efficient audit procedures and eliminates the risk of tax evasion, manipulation and attempted fraud.
  • Security tokens overcome a common problem of utility tokens especially high price fluctuations. Because security tokens are based on the tokenization of rights and real values, they usually lead to more stability.

Token information

Token Name: Bamboo

Symbol: BBO

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Softcap: 2,000,000 USD

hard cap: 10,000,000 USD

Token Distribution

Project Team



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