Fintech has been showing fascinating development for the past few years, thus bringing brand new terms into our lives, primarily ‘’blockchain’’ and ‘’cryptocurrency’’. These terms are often mixed up or even considered to be one and the same thing, which is wrong.

Blockchain is a technology based on tokenisation — the system, while cryptocurrency is a form of digital (tokenised) money — an entity distributed through the system. Like any money, cryptocurrency can be traded or exchanged. Sounds simple so far, but if you’re a newcomer in the cryptoworld, questions will start to pile up eventually.

Let’s suppose you have some amount of cryptocurrency you want to exchange for conventional money, for example, USD, but you don’t know how to do it. You’ll need to go to a crypto exchange. In order to choose one wisely, you have to consider a number of factors.


AIO Casino is a cryptocurrency casino, which aims to connect all the games that might be in the gambling industry on one platform, and allows players to be part of the casino. Decision to do this because most casinos only offer selected teams, and in the world of players developing ones must also be involved in casino success.

Aiocasino wants to set the standards for Crypto Casino, where players can not only play all kinds of new games and games, but also be directly involved in the success of the casino.

AIO Coins are Ethereum Blockchain based ERC-20 tokens, which allow you to get several wins from the casino. We decided to make coins on Ethereum Blockchain because this blockchain is a famous, safe and universal solution that provides a high level of transparency and diversity in how to secure and store tokens for their owners.

The aim of AIO Casino is to offer casinos that not only offer games for players but will offer casinos, which also allow players to become part of the casino.

Casinos that not only offer small collections of games but also develop or support the creation of new games. This gives players a lot of variety, which is not given in most casinos.

This is easier than you think, but many traditional and up-to-date cryptocurrency casinos still use the same game.

AIO Casino Platform

An important part of AIO Casino is the game, as well as the development of a new game, added afterwards. In our alpha version, AIO Dice, AIO Moon and AIO Spin games will be available.

Meanwhile, there are also plans for the development of the AIO Lottery game. The AIO casino will operate under the Softswiss White Label license.

Game: AIO Dice
This game is called Dice, but this is not a luck and probability game that typically uses simple cubes with numbered sides. Instead, this is a crypto-oriented dice game where you have greater reach and loyalty higher yield (0-99).

Game: AIO Spin
The AIO Spin game is quite simple. The game wheel will have a certain division, from which people can expect certain benefits. Maybe we will design the game wheel so that there will be 4 betting options. This is distributed according to the prize level on the game bike and if the player bets on the right betting option, he wins.

Game: AIO Moon
At AIO Moon players must bet in the amount and after the game starts, the month value will rise and will stop rising randomly. The player must stop missing before "Stop going up" or the user will lose. The user will have the option to the month by clicking STOP. The month value will be independent and random between 1.00x and 9999x. If you succeed for months, the payment will be in accordance with the MOON value. Losses will be reduced accordingly.


Token Symbol: AIO

Token Supply : 2,900,000 AIO

Sale Supply: 2,030,000 AIO

Blockchain Type: ETHEREUM

Token Type : ERC20


60% Allocated to token sale
15% Allocated to Company Fund
10% Allocated to Pre-Sale
10% Allocated to Team & Advisors
5% Allocated to Marketing and Bounty Program


Q1 2019

Product Development / Concept Development
Token Development Development Offer

Q2 2019

Release Release white paper
Release website
Launch of the Bounty program
Private sales and Public Token Offers

Q3 2019

Listings List of First Exchange
Development of the AIO Lottery and new casino games
Launch of Games: AIO Dice, AIO Moon, AIO Spin
Development and release of the alpha version of the AIO Casino

Q4 2019

Launch of AIO Casino Public beta launch
Expansion Global market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaigns
Release of the AIO Lottery system

Q1 2020

The AIO casino is launched with full functionality
Game expansion
Improvements to the platform

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