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WANT Marketplaces runs a worldwide ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C hyperlocal, social, private gatherings and secure informing based web based business marketplaces fueled by the benipal shopping web search tool, a social relevant picture, voice and content based web index.

With WANT and Benipal Marketplaces, we have a dream to control the lifecycle of an item, from its first deal by the maker to the merchant to its further deal to a distributer, onwards to an online retailer or a nearby store lastly its last deal as an utilized item.

B2B Trading is a Trillion Dollar business in the United States alone and we expect to give our B2B arrangements in the United States, however all inclusive, in India and furthermore SE Asia with we officially live Android marketplaces on the Play Store.

Our center internet searcher innovation with picture and voice search controls every commercial center and we plan to be the market chief in each geographic locale for the market fragment we serve. Aside from these marketplaces, we likewise mean later on to dispatch a top of the line design centered commercial center, a commercial center to purchase and sell Used Cars and Automotive gear just as go into the coordinations space in SE Asia and India with our completely possessed hyperlocal and skillet national conveyance administration.

Our B2C items will likewise serve similar markets and our O2O item, officially live on the Google Play Store will concentrate on India and SE Asia and Latin America. Our C2C commercial center is propelling in a matter of seconds and our iOS, web forms are being worked on. At the core of our marketplaces is our center shopping web crawler innovation, in ceaseless improvement since 2009 and ready to perform exceedingly complex relevant, social Image, Text and Voice-based pursuit.

There are 4 noteworthy players in movement search, GDS or Global Distribution Systems. ITA (presently claimed by Google and fueling Google flight and inn search), Amadeus, Travelport. In the event that you possess a lodging or a carrier, odds are you can't maintain your business without them. Truth be told, for Hotels, the expense of just running a booking framework is as high as 3-4% of their yearly income. Just to pick up the market perceivability and reservation framework given by all real web indexes. All movement web indexes (Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak) have tie-ups with at least one of these GDS's. Without that, the movement web crawlers would have no entrance to even a solitary lodging or flight booking.












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