The most profitable asset on the planet isn't the oil, yet the information! Our people group is changing, pulling in and advancing the cryptology on the planet, since this zone depends on blockchain innovation, where everything is straightforward, legit and safe. Cryptocancies are quickly picking up the status of the world network - cites are always developing, which is a developing enthusiasm of clients.

Cryptocyurrency is a sort of computerized money, in view of cryptographic techniques for creation and the executives preparing data. Digital money is a choice of Fiat Money. Everything is straightforward, quite far, ventures depend on blockchan innovation - an appropriated database that transmits moment, you don't need to sit tight for affirmation of the exchange, as in the event of banking activity,

There is no superfluous expense. What's more, this innovation averts misrepresentation. There is significant potential for advancement in practically all regions of the economy in the decentralized division. Decentralization is a key component of blockback applications. Storichin: likewise tracks the innovation. Storichan attempts to implant Blockchain into history, to make a world where all members can feel fulfilled, some are assuming liability.

I think the issue is conveying extra advantages in tomorrow and today, however tomorrow won't occur once more. Presently it is important to disseminate and appropriate the creator reasonably, who made the story of the age of media addictive industry. Going ahead, it will achieve 130 trillion won. Then again, solid quantitative information gathering is extremely troublesome and it tends to be utilized as a reason for conveyance.

Conveyed Laser Technology (DLT) enables you to gauge "innovative commitment information" all the more precisely. It's a great opportunity to give a blessing. Also, on the off chance that you can change over the IP to your story (protected innovation) into resources, gather cash from IP stories, and track noteworthy commitment information from development, So it will really be another way of life in two imaginative zones. Storichin is a task that gives somewhat decentralized DAP applications and general conventions to take care of the story industry's issues by utilizing blockchain highlights.

The "story industry" alludes to enterprises that utilization "stories" as the wellspring of their items and spread territories like film, dramatization, web books, web dramatization, show, music and radio shows. Storichain Can be viewed as an advanced authentic property the executives framework by going into individuals "understandings to stop the burglary of thoughts" and cause online exchanges with them To can not permit that, which can not be trusted. Another issue in the industry is the sharing of advantages. For instance, the webtone industry, Which is one of the biggest plot-based businesses in Korea, has a market size of more than $ 700 million, however there are as yet numerous who uncertainty the structure of benefit partaking in the industry, just as in numerous materials. Are. . Content makers still experience issues getting enough pay for their work.

What is the history of the industry?

This applies to plot-based media businesses, for example, film, dramatization and web motion pictures. The job of wholesalers in the story industry today is certain in light of the fact that it is in charge of endeavors to give the end clients the best advantages from optional work.

Be that as it may, what is the advantage of the screenwriter from indicating 10 million movies? What number of standard perusers profit by perusing and noting unique books? In the event that the first report is sold as an optional copyright, how frequently is the "abundance pay" common with the first creator?

The issue of the dissemination of overabundance salaries emerged just yesterday or today, yet we accept this can't be rehashed tomorrow.

Presently we need a reasonable dissemination and conveyance for the creator who made the story, which is the crude material for the media supplement. It will be 130 trillion won later on.

Then again, it is extremely hard to dependably gather authenticated quantitative information that can be utilized as a reason for dispersal.

The time has come to all the more precisely measure the "innovative information" with the assistance of DLT (Distributed Book Technology) and reward storytellers before selling copyrights. Furthermore, in the event that you can make Story IP (Intellectual Property) as a benefit, gather subsidizes utilizing Story IP and track the primary commitment information from this creation, it will be a totally new way of life with two unique territories that will quickly wind up accessible. Also, the method for contributing ended up being straightforward.

Open history A

place where everybody can share mystery circumstances in history while securing individual data.

Discount is feasible for new segments. Responses to the scene, trade, rating, proposals.

Your commitment to perusing for innovativeness is additionally founded on your response!

Mortal discussion: remarks between the on-screen characters.

The reward, in the event that it was acknowledged after the creator exhibited the scene of his own life.

The circulation of copyright incomes goes with the development of the development record.

Enlivened watcher for perusers. The capacity of the cryptoacter!

Expert History

Proficient innovative instrument for making and circulating video contents, web kid's shows, web books and intelligent archives.

The capacity to download outlines for the adaptation of artists.

Advancement in the improvement, the most recent changes in commitments and development graphs of history.

Group understanding between co-writers (interpreter, artist, acoustics, essayist's aide), scholarly insurance of copyright NDA, discovery of literary theft.

The arrangement of scholarly contracts made for the dispersion of salary relying upon the degree of commitments of members.

Challenges and exchange stories

Financing generation/video distributing.

The history of IP exchange on development graphs, estimated by the commitments of members.

Passage, tenderfoot author through the aggressive menu.

Conveyance and count of coupons dependent on cryptographic monetary forms.

Portion and DAPPS menu

Genius Stori: Menu for expert scholars.

Open Stori: A menu for making social stories for all who offer biographies with portrayal.

Stori Contest: Competitive menu for compelling beginner authors and advertisers.

Exchanging Stori: menus for purchasing and selling licensed innovation stories.

Stori Funding: A menu to raise assets for the generation of auxiliary works, for example, films and web motion pictures.

Story Chain Function


Advanced for makers.

Coordinated effort between Co-Writer/Writing/Contracts, Weekly Prizes and APIs for Third-Party Content Providers.

Simple to utilize

Any place you need to recount stories.

Straightforward and quick composition stage.

Appropriate couple

Concurrence with the creator/Cooperation/Agreement on opportunity insights/Update notice/Full commission Create

Take an interest in.

A stage for perusers to take an interest in the work, become their very own creators, make stories and partake in them.

straightforward A

stage that urges members to genuinely and straightforwardly dependent on their information.

Worldwide Platform A

worldwide stage that can be interpreted, sold or copyrighted for worldwide development.

Storichain is focused on making correspondence among essayists and perusers a reasonable and progressively dependable contract for resource esteem creation. Storichain is a convention that gives contracts to verifiable contracts. Clients can change their situation in the story chain biological system as authors, makers, and perusers, just as take an interest in making stories before they are distributed as isolated media, for example, films, shows, kid's shows, and amusements. Additionally, on the off chance that you can get a prize for the client's week after week commitment before selling the copyright, and if the story where you take an interest is sold for second generation, for example, distributing, video, and so forth., DApp) and Etherium as the fundamental system .

Storichain tries to think about and create "stories" as a type of protected innovation. Authentic enterprises can be characterized as ventures that incorporate storytellers and exercises that utilization stories made for different purposes. In 2014, stories uncovered businesses that make included an incentive through items and organizations dependent on research, disclosures, arranging, improvement, creation, spread and dispersion of stories that are viewed as the wellspring of creative mind and inventiveness.

Storichain does not store unique literary content information on the blockchain. This is because of the way that Storichain considered the commitments at the creation organize and the exchange, just as the exchange of responsibility for story, as opposed to content/realistic information from the story itself. Nothing can keep somebody from appropriating content substance, since they just need to take photos of their screens and convey them where they need. Rather than essentially averting such activities, Storichine thought it was increasingly critical to demonstrate the estimation of the creator's endeavors by efficiently estimating who added to the story, when and how it added to the exchange of possession and how much every maker added to the story.

Storichyn calls this information type "metric action". Since movement markers are utilized to circulate the advantages of a story, they can't be controlled or controlled. Furthermore, action pointers are additionally utilized as a reason for computing development files, which are utilized to decide the estimation of the benefits hidden the history. Rather than just avoiding such activities, Storichayn thought about that it is increasingly critical to demonstrate the estimation of the creator's endeavors by deliberately estimating who added to the story, when and how it added to the exchange of proprietorship and how much every maker added to the story.

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