YUMERIUM: Will They Really Start A New Era Of Gaming?

YUMERIUM is all about incentivizing players for their participation in games. An open source decentralized blockchain platform, it will be driven by game tokens (YUM), which will be a universal payment unit to purchase any games or in-game goods and advance through the favorite game. The team believes that such a project will make the gaming experience way more interesting and exciting while connecting gamers and developers from the whole globe on a single platform.

YUMERIUM thinks that today’s payment solutions used in games are “too centralized” and have serious limitations which deprive gamers of a good gaming experience. These limitations include prohibitively high fees, delayed payments, an absence of multi-party payment options, and more.

Trying to obtain game articles through third-party game-item trading sites, people very often fall victims to frauds because such sites do not provide a proper level of transactional security and safety. Gamers also sometimes do not know the real value of items they sell and usually underestimate them, losing huge bucks on game transactions.

At last, most players not only enjoy the games they love, but create contents, tutorials, and reviews on YouTube and other channels, thus contributing to a game popularity but without being compensated for their activity. YUMERIUM will address this injustice and solve current problems of the game industry.

How will it work?

YUMERIUM will encourage game developers to join their platform. When a game is jointed to YUMERIUM, developers will receive initial “Seeding Fund” in YUM (the cryptocurrency of YUMERIUM) to bring more participants to the game. Players in their turn will be able to earn/mine YUM by playing and promoting the game in the social media (say, by commenting, sharing links, writing reviews, making video tutorials). Earned in such a way YUM tokens can be spent in any game that is integrated with YUMERIUM.

As for game developers, they can utilize the YUM tokens to acquire and stay in touch with gamers, hold bounty campaigns, give bonuses, and arrange other incentives.

The platform will also help small game studios conduct crowdfunding campaigns within the YUMERIUM community. Such a campaign will be sponsored by earnable YUM coins, which such studios may further use for different marketing initiatives.

The blockchain technology and smart contracts will help YUMERIUM to decentralize internal payments by removing third-party intermediaries between a game developer and a game user. As stated in their whitepaper, payments will be instant and with minimum transactional fees. The platform will support payments with YUM tokens, but other cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH will also be added over time.

Who and how can benefit from the platform?

For game developers, YUMERIUM offers the next advantages:

  • A decentralized payment system with lower fees and shorter transactional times
  • An inclusive fund to attract and incentivize new gamers
  • The huge community of YUMERIUM and Subdream.world for marketing and promotion
  • Crowdfunding campaigns for unknown game studios

Gamers can also reap pleasant benefits from the product:

  • Earning money from playing, reviewing, and promoting YUMERIUM-supported games
  • Low transactional fees, no long payments, and middlemen
  • A single cryptocurrency to stave off any frauds related to in- and between- game transactions

The project’s roadmap

There will be four main milestones in YUMERIUM’s development:

  • Q2 2018: Integration with games from Subdream Studios.
  • Q3 2018: the release of a YUMERIUM-supported game called CryptoMine for Web, Android, and iOS. The game will be a pre-marketing test of this to-be platform.
  • Q4 2018: the release of YUMERIUM software development kit for strategic partners.
  • Q1 2019: broader cooperation with other games.

    ICO details

The tokens will be distributed in the following way:

If they manage to raise the intended sum, it will be allocated as:

Team and background

YUMERIUM is a creation of Subdream Labs which, in its turn, is a division of Subdream Studio that was established in January 2017. The founding team is presented by:

  • Jikhan Jung – a founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Francisco Martin – a co-founder and Chief Technical Officer
  • Jaeheon Kim – a co-founder and Chief Operations Officer

The rest of the team boast sophisticated experience in many related spheres including software development, gaming and blockchain technologies.


Knowing that players often lay esoteric emphasis on game items (especially, hard-earned ones), and with the claims to eliminate existing problems in the gaming industry, YUMERIUM can be quite a useful and popular platform.

It will compensate gamers with YUM tokens for their effort in playing, sharing, and everyway promoting YUMERIUM-supported games, say, for boosting the whole virtual game market. These tokens can also be used to purchase games or in-game goods (articles, weapons, etc.). The project will help beginner game studios to arrange fundraising campaigns as well.
So, YUMERIUM seems to be the first platform which really cares about your entertainment.

Still, the project is not innovative – there are dozens of other services over the Internet which do practically the same (G2G or Gameflip as examples), so there is no room to start a new era of gaming. YUMERIUM is this very case when words are louder than actions.

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Authored by: Will.Smith (@iwgeiw)

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