Using the Blockchain Disruption to Empower Talents

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Freelancing is becoming a more preferable way of earning money. Currently, there are over 100 million freelance talents in the world, and this number will only increase over years. Only in America, independent workers bring over $715 billion to the economy, and in other large countries, a situation is practically the same: a talent on-demand business model is on the rise.
Still, the freelance market is totally controlled by centralized platforms, both online and offline what a priori is fraught with numerous problems for freelancers and customers alike. Some of these problems include:

  • Freelancers, working on staffing platforms, have no control over their professional reputations and profiles – they entirely belong to the platforms.
  • False and inaccurate information in applicants’ resumes.
  • Heavy commissions charged by platforms for the intermediary between a talent and a customer.
  • Unprotected rights and weakness of a freelancer in front of a client.

Talao is here to remedy these pains of freelancers by giving them a comprehensive environment to work and earn without middlemen.

What is Talao?

Talao is a blockchain-enabled decentralized and autonomous ecosystem for high-trained freelancers. Talao’s mission is to help companies find and attract on-demand specialists for doing this or that job in the spheres of aviation, energy, railway, life sciences, space, industry, etc. Talao wants to grow into a global marketplace serving the needs of independent workers. Built upon Ethereum, Talao is adherent to the principles of transparency, autonomy, and decentralization, where the main value is the experience and professional skills of a talent.

Yes, the project is doing practically the same what traditional freelance marketplaces do. Still, there are some marked differences between Talao and other similar platforms. Such as:

  • Talao is not a middleman between a company and a specialist. This means that Talao is free of any apparent and hidden fees and other imposed commissions.
  • Talao, using its own algorithms and methods, will approve every claim stated in a talent’s resume, including qualifications, job experience, and reputation, thus, helping an employing company to avoid a bad hire.
  • Professionals will be able to own back their professional data in the Talao network. All talents’ credentials will be stored in the Reputation Vault – a unique tool of the Talao platform, working like a tamper-proof place to keep professional reputation assets. With that tool, freelancers can choose who can contact them and get familiar with their certificates and other related documents. They also will not have to start earning their reputation from a scratch, if they decide to switch from Talao to another freelance portal. For this reason, Talao leaders are negotiating with governments of other freelance marketplaces to deploy Talao and push it as a standard.
  • Talents are free to choose the way of working: they can perform either as independent workers or as members of freelance communities, sharing common interest and skills in a peculiar sphere.
  • Mediation is meant to solve client-freelance conflicts should they occur in the Talao system.
  • Payments on the platform will be done both through fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

In fact, Talao disrupts the talent-on demand landscape by allowing businesses and freelancers to establish and manage fully peer-to-peer business relationships.

Talao Token Economy

The Platform runs on TALAO Token. It is a utility, ERC20-friendly token that can be used by Talao participants to have access to its paid functionality and a personal Reputation Vault. There are two primary ways of using TALAO tokens in the system: tokens can be stacked as deposits or sent from a customer’s wallet to a worker’s or community’s wallet.

Token deposits are required for:

  • Initiating conflict settlement procedures
  • Joining a community
  • Offering proposals
  • Opening a personal Reputation Vault
  • Raising objections
  • Voting on the platform

You can try Talao by yourself as their beta is ready and functioning.
Their crowdsale is live. To participate, you need to be whitelisted first. No minimum contribution is required. ETH is a preferable way of contribution, and its rate is 1 ETH = 1000 TALAO Tokens. The company expects to raise 24 000 ETH at best, but 5 000 ETH is that minimum which will satisfy them as well. The US residents are rejected from the participation in Talao ICO. The total token supply is 150M, out of which 67 % is meant for sales.

The company’s registered office is 2 rue de Tocqueville, 75017 Paris, France.


Talao is a reputation protocol and decentralized autonomous organization for freelancing professionals in the fields of manufacturing industry, aviation, energy, and other industries. The platform is very similar to traditional staffing and freelance platforms, but it has its own peculiarities such as 0% commissions, personal Reputation Vaults, and community-based verifications for every statement claimed in resumes. Will they disrupt an existing recruiting market with their blockchain-powered solution for independent talents? Since the current staffing market is plagued with serious problems and is far from the perfection, while Talao promises to solve them all, the project is definitely high-potential.

Talao additional links

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Authored by:
Will.Smith (iwgeiw)


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