DataBroker DAO short review and some information.

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DataBroker DAO is the first digital marketplace for selling and buying sensor data. The decentralized IOT sensor data market operates using Blockchain technology. DataBroker DAO allows owners to transform generated sensor data into a source of steady income. The solution opens wide opportunities for various industries. Data will be used to conduct researches, so they can become more effective.

Last year, more than $600 million was spent on the purchase and IOT sensors installation. Their data are unavailable or prohibitively expensive, for those who is interested in receiving their users. By means of DataBroker, offers on sale and acquisition of IOT sensors and data received through them will be connected on a single platform.

DataBroker is a decentralized stand-alone organization that allows you to combine the information field, making it available.


The team has enough experience, as well as participation in high-profile projects (one of them is Settlement).

At the moment, experienced engineers have joined the project:

  • Matthew van Niekerk: CEO.
  • Roderik van der Veer: Technical Director.
  • Frank Van Geertruyden: Project Director.
  • Els Meyvaert: Project Manager.
  • Silke Van den Broeck: Blockchain Developer.
  • Tom De Block: Blockchain Architect.

An experienced team capable of providing the necessary support to the project. Among those engineers who believed in the project: Jonathan Johnson, Richard Kastelein, Julien Marlair and Patrick Byrne.

All employees of the DataBroker DAO team work smoothly and efficiently. The main task is to achieve success in the planned event, care for the welfare of the company and business partners, comprehensive assistance in emerging issues, maintaining ties, control over emerging incomprehensible moments. All this is extremely important at the ICO stage.

The prototypes developed by the team members, are shared. They are available for consultation. Anyone is able to enter the platform, try it in action, make sure the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

WhitePaper and typography

WhitePaper details, from stage to stage, explains to the reader all the features of the project as well as stages of development. Narrative is accompanied by reinforcement, in the form of illustrations: graphs and spreadsheets. It is noteworthy that the very idea of uniting the owners of IOT sensors is not attractive for every country. WhitePaper considers the possibilities of the project exclusively through the prism of general perception at a time when it is necessary to study in detail for each country and region. The project is unique, but it is a case where the originality of the idea does not involve relevance.

There is a translation into Russian. The design is visually pleasant, the text intersects with diagrams and diagrams. The site has a nice design. Translated into different languages, but little informative. Company’s Jurisdiction is Belgium.

Amount of investments

54.5% is offered to investors.

The remaining amount (52%) was distributed as follows:

  • reward to the team - 5.00%;
  • for the needs of platform - 10.00%;
  • early sales - 6.50%;
  • bounty - 0.50%;
  • reserved, within the project, for 3 years - 30.00%.

This distribution of investments seems logical, based on the specifics of the project. The total number of tokens, taking into account the predicted by the authors of the project development potential of their chosen area, is sufficient.

The project does not have a roadmap (according to the data from Telegrams by the time of publishing this review). An interesting project that is somewhat ahead of its time. Given the wide variety of more cutting-edge ideas and their incarnations on the market ICO, DataBrokerDAO can get lost.


Thanks to DataBroker, the owners of the data generated by the sensors turn it into a profit stream and open a channel for using different spheres. So far no one, except DataBroker, provides such services. Sensors are combined with blockchain technology, which indicates many opportunities in the industries.

To put it in other words, the sensors from DataBroker are something exclusive, unique and progressive. Those who had got the sensors in the property, can monetize information and easily receive passive income to recoup their investments in the IOT. That is, the acquisition, installation, maintenance, interpretation of the information.

The platform will cause a genuine and keen interest of network operators, owners of sensors, their producers, the initiators of the Smart City, people from the agricultural sector, other sectors, and scientists.

At the moment companies are widely use information obtained through sensors, which helps in tracking the operations, their optimization. The results of these actions are showing very clear information picture.

DataBroker is like a Manager of so-called smart life, which reduces the cost of providing valuable data for entrepreneurs, cities and organizations.

Databroker additional links
Official website | Whitepaper | Telegram | ANN
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