Tokoin - a new type of blockchain platform that can solve the MSME problem


In this material we will consider a new blockchain project, which in a few weeks will be presented at one of the major stock exchanges. Analysts believe that it has every chance to become a leader in its field. This project is Tokoin.
t is a blockchain platform that creates a database of multiple company profiles (MSMEs) in order to eliminate the existing problems associated with trust in certain firms. Another way to say that the project will create a platform where all market participants, businessmen, organizations with a rating will gather by processing their submitted information of a non-financial nature.

The problem is...

It is well known that banks and businessmen have established close ties between them, including lending and financial services provided by banking institutions. On the other hand, there is a problem of trust between them, because it is quite difficult to carry out the check of a businessman, as well as his company.

It is not known whether they should be granted a loan or not? If the company is unreliable, then there is a risk for the bank to lose its investment, and the borrower may not return the funds at all and the bank will incur a loss. It is clear that no banking institution needsds this.


By the way, there is a problem of trust between businessmen themselves. After all, , to do business with thr partners, you need to be sure that he will not fail, and he has a good reputation. It is impossible to know about it at once, so there is a risk of deception. As a result of such actions, many of the businessmen lose not only the money invested in certain projects, but also sometimes their companies, which are absorbed by unscrupulous partners. Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon now and any entrepreneur thinks about how to protect himself in such situations.

The solution...

The same applies to banks, for which the loss of own funds is unacceptable. Even the own security services of such institutions can not always help in finding data about companies that ask for loans and credits. Therefore, the problem of trust is more acute than everer.
Tokion hasreated a platform that collects the profiles of many companies and firms within itself, and each of the users was able to view the data and learn everything about the subject that is needed.


It is worth saying that all the data cannot be obtained without the permission of the owner, as it is encrypted. In addition, the data can be tokenized. Financial institutions have the opportunity to purchase the information in order to use it for their own purposes. In turn, the owner can obtain system tokens for this.

It can be said that the platform is a kind of exchange where data can be exchanged. Such service is useful both to MSME, and to banks. They get the opportunity to provide their services to those customers who have a good reputation.

The platform has a number of functions, including digital identification, with the help of the developed KSS protocol. The project will be rolled out in Indonesia, as the developers live and work there. This is where the project will begin to develop. It is well known that the Indonesian market is large, because there are a lot of people living here. That's why it was decided to start work here.

Analysts believe that the project has every opportunity to show itself well in this region. The developers are ambitious and experienced. The team includes professional marketers, businessmen, experienced investors and other specialists.


If you lk at how the developers work, you can confidently say that they will succeed. As a result, we can say that this blockchain project contains a clear plan of promotion. Besides, it is worth mentioning that this is the fifth project by Kucoin. If you want to know more about this project, you can go to the official page of the project and read everything in d detail.

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