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I welcome all crypto-enthusiasts, today I want to tell you about the promising project and its advantages!

About the project
Consider the project in stages. The first thing that is and what is the idea of this ICO.

The system is a unique product, which is a smart contract DAICOVO, based on the concept of DAICO. For anybody not a secret that fraudulent ICO, undermine the faith of people in projects that with the infusion of investment and competent development, can benefit the community. The platform offers a solution to this problem, using the decentralized method of DAICO. Regulating and creating useful conditions for ICO. ICOVO is creating a next-generation scale standard for ICO platforms. Its value is intended both for the implementation of innovative solutions in the sphere related to blockchain, and for ICO investors.

Second, it is a vision of the proper operation of the structure and creation of the ecosystem for a favorable future promotion of startups. The platform provides DAICOVO technology that offers smart contracts to improve ICO performance. For the creators developed a feature on ICOVO Web, which simplifies and improves their work. Token design development, DAICOVO parameter setting and much more. All this is free of charge.

Third, this app is for IOS / Android smartphones. It uses the wallet that is compatible with tokens ERC20. The key is stored on a mobile device, not on the network. The platform interface is simple and user-friendly. Includes unique monitoring features, KYC / AML, Photo ID and Decentralized Exchange (DEX), allowing you to trade your tokens.

Here are the main three components disassembled. As you can see, the team ICOVO (https://icovo.co) puts before itself three main objectives: improving the transparency of the ICO, reducing barriers to participation in the ICO and increase the longevity of the project. Many developers are trying to find a solution to the problems of ICO investment. Interestingly, the methods are very similar. But at the same time, in order not to copy each other, they are trying to implement their features. Even if small, but at the same time important things, like creating a mobile version or your "cold" wallet. After all, such facilities can significantly play in favor of a project. If the Singapore team successfully conducts ICO itself, finds investors and implements its plans, then we will get a convenient service for ICO and more secure investment in ICO.

What problems does Icovo solve
From the investor's perspective:

Problem: non-return of funds in case of failure of the project or its freezing. Solution: DAICOVO refund will happen automatically.
Problem: it is difficult to identify fraudulent ICO projects. The solution: the disclosure of information about KYC / AML and the progress of the project as required ICOVO, will serve as a good tool for risk assessment in the investment in ICO.
Problem: passport photographed for KYC can be easily falsified with photo editing software. Solution: dedicated KYC / AML photodetector for ICOVO applications prevents photo editing.
Problem: different whitepaper formats make it difficult to compare projects. Solution: ICOVO Web provides information common to all projects in a standard format.
Problem: whitepaper can change in the course of licensee or after it. Solution: ICOVO Web uses the Blockchain and IPFS to prevent interference in the technical document.
Currently, there are no such services with the ability to compete with ICOVO. In particular, there are no ICO platforms built around the idea of protecting investors. On the other hand, there are a few sites listing the ICO the ICO is strongly supported by investors.As of February 2018, the main listing sites contained between 500 and 600 ICO projects (including completed ones), and the founders of the ICO project announced the need for listing on a platform with a strong brand. By requiring the founders of the project to use DAICOVO, pass the KYC/AML, and increase the transparency of the project, we strive to make ICO projects on icovo reliable and high-quality, thus creating the ICOVO brand as a very reliable ICO platform.The competitive advantages of ICOVO are its vision based on the original ideology and huge human capital of the three founders in terms of management capabilities, technological power and localization ability, accumulated from their extensive experience. Our mission is to become a global standard for ICO platforms for innovative blockchain-related startups and ICO investors. To realize this mission, one needs to provide a solid ICO Foundation, expand the ICO investor base, and improve the continuity of the project after the ICO. Anyone can duplicate our mission and vision on paper and can offer similar services, but because of the difference in ideas, technological capacity and know-how, no one can offer the same service as us. It is the main advantage ICOVO!

Details ICO
PRE SALE! (https://icovo.io/ico/)

Start date: 2018-09-24 00:00 (UTC)

End date: 2018-10-08 23: 59 (UTC)

1 OVO = 0.3 USD

Currency acceptance: ETH (Ethereum)

Minimum Purchase Amount:100 USD

Maximum Purchase Amount: 250,000 USD

40% bonus!


Start date: 2018-11-01 00: 00 (UTC)

End date: 2018-11-30 23: 59 (UTC)

Minimum Purchase Amount: 50 USD

Maximum Purchase Amount: 250,000 USD

ICOVO road map
Q1 2018
The ICOVO project began. The DAICO Implementation ICO platform has been developed; DAICOVO, which is a customized intelligent contract uniting DAICO, has been developed; a corporate website has been Opened. Press releases were distributed in Switzerland, Singapore, Japan; preparations for the ICO were Started.

Q2 2018
White list, KYC / AML and CrowdSale will be launched; ICOVO version 1.0.0 app for wallet, ICO Dashboard and ID photo Downloader will be launched; events will be held in Zug, Tokyo and Singapore; ICOVO Web version 1.0.0 implementation for icovo Dashboard will be launched.

Q3 2018
CrowdSale will be launched, and the token OVO will be listed on the stock exchange, which Will start implementation of the program DAICOVO version 1.1.0 ICOVO; ICOVO News Media (icovo.net) will be open; the project Will be launched version DAICOVO at version1.1.0 version Whitepaper.

Q4 2018
ICOVO Web version 1.2.0 will start implementation Mypage editor; Will launch ICOO introduction of version 1.2.0 of list ICO; co-working space for innovative start-UPS related to blockchains will be opened in Zug, Switzerland, which Will start implementation parameters parameters DAICO version 1.2.0.

Platform team, experts in various fields of business and economy. Association of international e-Commerce experts.Introduces innovations and takes an active part in conferences. Continues to expand the base of partners.

The creators, Akihiro Amasa (General Director) and Masahiko of Canada (financial Director), established the project in Switzerland, in January 2018. The founders have many years of experience in business. It is currently being implemented in a large network. Creating a safer financial future for humanity. In the team, there are masters of computer science, software developers, applications and wallets. Here are the winners at the summits, the blockchain technology.

Akihiro Yamasa-Executive Director

Yoshikazu Nishimura-technical Director

Masahiko Kumada - financial Director

Oliver Gomme-chief administrator

Iwao Sasaki, Chief designer

Taisuke Mino-blockchain Engineer

Takuya Obata - chief blockchain engineer / chief technical Evangelist

RIA Sony-Evangelist

Tyler Carrico-Evangelist

Tamon Fujiwara-Evangelist

Kim Byung Jun-Evangelist

Haruna Tanaka-marketing Manager

Atsuko Chiba-communications Manager

Dr. Tom Frey, Legal consultant

Quick Lee Frey, Legal consultant

For more information, please follow the links:

Website: https://icovo.co
White paper: https://icovo.co/whitepaper/wp_service_en.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icovoco/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bridgexnetwork
Telegram: https://t.me/icovoco
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4468796.0

My BTT - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136611

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