Toqqn cryptocurrency (TQN) is the issued native token from the platform that is created on Ethereum blockchain, making it an Erc20 token. The token will help the platform in unlimited integration operation with several other decentralized applications and smart contracts within the Ethereum Network.

One billion TQN will be developed without the possibility of increament while from the total one billion Toqqn tokens, 100 million Toqqn will be given out for the fundraising program with aim of raising at aleast $100,000. The funding raising objectives of Toqqn project is different because the team behind the project aims to only obtain the necessary funds that will further the platform development. Gaining surplus funds isn't part of the agenda, therefore investors will be given 10% of the total supply. The project 's team are only following the due standards of the platform' s goal which involves benefitting the general public via decentralization of user's data and promoting the wide spread adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of trading and payments systems.

The token distribution is achieved by distributing 10% for fund acquisition from the total supply of 1 billion TQN, 50% of the TQN will be given to the users of the Toqqn platform, 20% reserved for Team, 10% allocated to Marketing , Bounties and Advisors, Finally 10% will be reserved for the future development of the platform. Investors and supporters can be able to acquire TQN with BTC, ETH, Paypal and Payoneer while the initial value during the fund raising (ico) period will be placed at $0.001 per TQN. Price will increase per week from $ 0.002 to $0.005, so investors hurry and don't miss this opportunity. Official Listing and exchange submissions processing will be initiated immediately the fund raising period is concluded while Investors will recieve their acquired Toqqn tokens within 1st week after the fundraising ends.

Hurry up ico is still ongoing, take this chance and obtain Toqqn tokens at a good price.

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