Hello dear readers, I would like to give more emphasis about the BCNEX exchange and it's crowdsale.
Firstly, you need to know about that the BCNEX exchange is radical and revolutionary Vietnam based cryptocurrency trading platform that is designed primarily by the professional team of the BCNEX project to be a secure, efficient and fast business transactional interface suitable for investors and traders. The BCNEX exchange is unlike any other crypto money platforms because the team isn't here to deceive the cryptocurrency community and investors with fake transactions, false volumes etc but rather they have worked diligently in ensuring that BCNEX crypto money platform eliminates intermediaries, flexible scalability that accurately handles approximately 2 million orders per second, put the mind of users at rest with it's advanced security systems, a robust and quality infrastructure to effectively support efficient trading while satisfying the increasing demands of investors and traders.
All this qualities indicate that BCNEX is here with a different positive perspective leveraging Blockchain technology to ensure that investors and traders have an opportunity of using BCNEX trading platform as a medium of placing their virtual funds online and trading them efficiently on a global scale without the hassles of additional investments or bureaucratic authority found in the traditional financial institutions.

Now, I have to focus on the main topic which is the BCNEX Crowdsale details.
The BCNEX Crowdsale is going successfully because investors are really interested in this fantastic project, hence the team officially decided to increase the Hardcap from $ 15,000,000 to $ 30,000,000.

You must be wondering, how is the fundraising operated by the team. We'll, the fundraising event is split into 4 phases where anyone can invest in each of this sessions with the specified accepted payment currency and prices offered by the team and at the end of each phases, you can longer invest in the currency.

The token allocated for this session were sold out, where 13,320 ETH was raised and the total number of tokens sold out for this event is 15 million BCNX tokens at a price of 1 BCNX = 0.00092558 ETH
Take Note Dear Readers ; price of token for each session increases, so please hurry up and invest now in this fantastic project.

This event will have a price of 1 BCNX = 0.00003385 BTC where as of May 18, 2019 the team were able to raise 945 BTC and currently, the session is still ongoing.
The end of the BTC session will allow the arrival of the USDT and BCN individual sessions where the BCNX token can be purchased and price per coin will increase.

In conclusion, the BCNEX trading platform is a convenient crypto-money ecosystem for fast and accurate trading of cryptocurrencies and the platform is rapidly moving towards to becoming a successful name amongst it's competitors, even the successful raise of $ 1,000,000 in Angel Funding round and $2,000,000 in SoftCap can testify to the greatness of this wonderful project. Hurry up and invest now...

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