This modern era has become more advanced with the arrival of several technological innovations and the existing mobile phones, telecommunications and it's provided functionalities are not immune to the advancement of technology. Due to this improvements, cellular phones must not simply follow the traditional methodology of being a means of communication but should be able to offer other exquiste, easier, effective and transparent functions that are less associated with telecommunications to the general public. In search for answer to this issue facing the telecommunication sector, Miracle Tele powered by blockchain technology solves this problem by providing less expensive and sophisticated services through their airtime trading ecosystem and mobile data capable of connecting numerous individuals around the world.

Miracle Tele provides innovative and low cost services for people around the world, hence revolutionizing the current telecommunication sector in all aspects. The Miracle Tele company utilizes blockchain technology to give out it's network and services which makes it's mode of operation to be easy and convenient while offering reduction in service cost.
Telecommunication industries are mostly faced with the issue of providing quality and authoritarian - free roamy services or plans at low rates for their consumers. This eventually causes new telecommunication projects to fail before incorporation into the market due to the increased business risks which promotes continuous flow of authoritarian high fee services to their consumers. Miracle Tele is able to handle this problem by collaborating and buying local telecommunication companies calls and traffic network services potentials including utilization of their blockchain fueled telecom network significantly, eliminating the problems of directorate services and reducing services for end consumers effortlessly.

Miracle Tele main aim is to create a blockchain structure that is capable of handling the essential requirements of establishing a mobile operator company integrated with modernized communications communication gears, top quality services and loyalty programs for it's users. In order to achieve this, Miracle Tele makes use of a dual plan which involves deploying blockchain architecture fueled by a soon to be released Plasma and Sharding technologies by Ethereum blockchain or by current modified Graphene blockchain. All these plans makes it possible for Miracle Tele as well as being a MVNO model to provide low risks, less competitive and high quality services as well as roaming plans or services at low prices with added benefits of outstanding customer support ready to assist any user.

The token used on the Miracle Tele platform for all forms of transaction is known as TELE token. Tele is developed on the Ethereum blockchain, hence it is an Erc20 utility token. Tele helps the Miracle Tele customers and users in tokenizing their digital assets and obtain bi-weekly token holders rewards via a process known as Stacking.

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In conclusion, Miracle Tele's outstanding vision and impact towards the telecommunications sector is revolutionizing and it's integration with blockchain technology will provide opportunities to help the push telecommunication companies to the next level of improvement in this rapid evolving technological era, which will result in a better, higher quality and cheaper services rendered to the consumers at large.

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