Hello good people, today I want to enlighten traders about the BCNEX trading competition. Previously in my last article, I have gave out a more detailed emphasis about the BCNEX trading platform which concluded that in this current cryptocurrency trading ecosystem, BCNEX exchange stands out as an extraordinary and exemplary cryptocurrency exchange.
They must be a lot of new readers who are confused about me indicating that BCNEX exchange remains the ultimate trading platform, hence i will do a brief recap about the BCNEX exchange for the benefit of the new readers.

The BCNEX exchange is founded in Vietnam and it's existing members are from the same country. The trading platform is established by Vietnamese Blockchain Expert and current CEO known as Ngo Hoang Quyen. Over the years, the prevailing problem of cryptocurrency assets is the lack of robust infrastructure and safe cryptocurrency exchange that allows fast and quality trading of cryptocurrency in pairs. Well my dear new readers, this is where BCNEX exchange comes in to the equation. The current cryptocurrency trading ecosystem needs a new cryptocurrency exchange that should be fast, efficient, safe, transparent and inexpensive with a robust quality infrastructure to effectively cope with increasing demands from large number of users. BCNEX exchange possess the stated qualities and much more outstanding features that any cryptocurrency trader can benefit from and trade their virtual assets with minimal risk involved unlike other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Ok guys, I want to stop here and focus on the main topic which is the BCNEX trading competition.

Globally, the term "Trading Competition" amongst cryptocurrency traders means trade cryptocurrencies on a platform and receive rewards. The BCNEX trading competition has been going for some time and several traders didn't have the opportunity to understand how the competition differs from other trading competitions. To answer this question, the BCNEX trading competition is created in such a way that cryptocurrency traders can recieve rewards from their trading activities on the platform without issues. Reports presented by several traders have shown that traders who engaged in other platforms cryptocurrency trading competitions have complained about manipulation, cheating and poor rewards distributed at the end of the events. Therefore, the team behind the BCNEX trading platform have ensured that the trading competition is free from irregularities and problems, even the participants of this superb event can testify to the efforts of the BCNEX team.

The trading competition is divided into 4 rounds with a reward total of 12Eth & 20,000 BCNX token whereby each round will have it's own appointed rewards and unlike other platforms trading competitions, the rewards are immediately sent to the participants after successful completion of each round.

The first round (April, 15 - April, 22)will have a reward allocation of 3 Eth & 5000 BCNX whereby traders who engage in the trading of USDT/BTC will be rewarded based on the quantity of USDT/BTC traded.

The second round is quite different from the first because it is based on first come first served and hence limited to very few number of participants. A total of 3 Eth & 5000 BCNX token has been given to this round which begins from April, 23 to April, 30.

For the 3rd round (May ,1 - May 7),traders who engage in trading of USDT/XRP are rewarded based on their trading activities. The total of 3 Eth & 5,000 BCNX token is allocated to this round.

Finally, the fourth round has been given a total of 3Eth & 5,000 BCNX as usual, in which traders of USDT/LTC will be rewarded for their trading activities. Therefore, trade more and receive larger rewards folks.

As stated previously, the BCNEX team will ensure complete fairness and transparency throughout the entire event, hence they designed a dashboard to show the activities of every trader within the BCNEX platform to maintain effective transparency at all times.

In conclusion, this is a great competition that is recommendable for every trader who loves trading and enjoys receiving reward as well, therefore take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

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