Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is gradually becoming a global trend. The emergence has led to strengthed improvement in the financial sector due to positive response from investors towards investing in cryptocurrency projects but also the technology has provided a medium of eliminating intermediaries and the problems associated with traditional banking system. Cryptocurrency exchanges are also the main foundation of the Blockchain ecosystem because through it, cryptocurrency tokens regularly are traded for value, hence their importance cannot be undermined.
Currently, several exchanges have become rather inefficient and ineffective in their operations due to poor management, lack of transparency and vulnerability to hacks, cyber attacks etc. This indicates that there is room for improvement in the cryptocurrency exchange community, hence BCNEX project intends to take this opportunity and provide a lasting solution.
The team behind the BCNEX project understand the problems affecting the existing exchanges, that is why they designed the BCNEX exchange to be a secured digital open platform capable of providing fast, efficient and profitable trading experience for any trader around the world. BCNEX exchange is established in Vietnam and it was founded by current CEO and Blockchain Expert named Ngo Hoang Quyen. The digital platform is perfect for any trader irrespective of their experience in trading cryptocurrencies because it have the following excellent qualities ;

  • Top Notch Security
  • User friendly interface
  • High Liquidity
  • Customer Support Available 24/7 and so much more.

I know you must be wondering that you need more information update about this great project, well then;
On 2nd May, 2019, the BCNEX team signed some contracts with several new partners which significantly resulted in flourishing Hard cap sales. Globally, the major concern of every traders before trading on any exchange is security of their private data and digital financial assets. Therefore, you don't need to worry because the new partners of BCNEX named Akamai and CMC Telecom are security focused experts which proposes that BCNEX project intends on providing advanced proper and complete protection to all their traders and users.
When i was checking out the new partners of the BCNEX project, I came across some interesting details which i would like to share with you.
Firstly, Akamai is a well known large corporation based in United States that handles traffic of most visited sites around the world. They specialize in providing CDN servers and protection against DOS attacks for it's clients while CMC Telecom offers internet, data transmission and data services for companies and government agencies in Vietnam. Their services is utilized by major companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and reports have shown that 40% of the world largest brands utilize CMC Telecom Services.


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