Hello good people, i want to introduce a new exciting project known as BatMine .
Let's get started, What is BatMine all about?
BatMine is an innovative blockchain based cryptocurrency mining interface that is created to be a solution to problems currently facing the cryptocurrency mining ecosystem and it's miners. The BatMine platform is developed to leverage the advantages of blockchain and complete decentralization to enable provision of quality, transparency, data security and low cost in mining operations. Currently, cryptocurrency mining is a prominent method of ensuring that transactions have been executed across a blockchain because it secures data in a decentralized methodology and completely validates that a cryptocurrency token cannot be utilized twice after execution. There are currently several methods of engaging in cryptocurrency mining which includes home mining, cloud mining and industrial mining farm but all these are still flustered by problems and features such as low profitability due to high cost of electricity, lack of transparency, highly expensive , confusing interface etc. In response to these issues, BatMine provides an active mining platform that can allow any individual to join and enjoy from the profitable benefits of the BatMine ecosystem.


BatMine being a dependable source of income and revenue for both investors and miners will be powered by green energy and eco-friendly fuel source which ensures that power utilized for mining operations will be readily available and accessible thereby satisfying the needs of everyday cryptocurrency miners. The users of BatMine are granted with mining features and a UI to analyze their mining results in an effective and transparent method.
BatMine aims to be ahead of it's competitors by offering users the opportunity of choosing their desired cryptocurrencies to be mined, hence improving flexibility and efficiency. There is also included goal of considering Altcoins mining where BatMine will be on the look out for promising Altcoins in the cryptocurrency market, hence a possibility of adding them for mining operations. BatMine will utilize a 55TH/Sec mining tool which is more suitable to improving the dependability of mining operations and there will be a continued improvement associated with replacing current equipments with more sophisticated and advanced ones, significantly making BatMine a leading mining platform in the cryptocurrency sector.
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The trademark token of the BatMine platform is known as BATM. It is a utility Erc20 compliant token which will be used in charges payment by miners in obtaining unlimited access to BatMine services. Bonuses and incentives will be paid to miner on the platform in the trademark token (BATM)
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Token Name : BATMINE
Token Ticker : BATM
Token Type : ERC-20
Soft Cap : 1 Million Euro
Hard Cap : 19 Million Euro
Accepted Payment : ETH

Q4 2017 - The conception of the ICO, market research into ICOs and legal options of profit sharing. Verification of Silent Partnership framework with the Czech National Bank;
Q1 2018 - Market research, concept brainstorming;
Q2 2018 - Project concept formulation, market research, profit sharing concept, first ICO draft;
Q3 2018 - ICO preparation, Whitepaper, investment agreement, website;
Q4 2018 - ICO finalization, preliminary contact with institutional investors;
Q1 2019 - ICO execution
Q2 2019 - Location, electricity connection, equipment purchase, mining units installation;
Q3 2019 - Mining units installed and mining, first profit sharing.


10% from the total token will be allocated to bounty, airdrop and advisors, the team will receive 5%, 40 % from the total token will be given for public sale 40%, private sale will receive 30% and finally, reserve will obtain 15% from the total token.


Operations will recieve 10% from the total fund, farm construction and mining units including the first year reserves are allocated 60%, research and development will. 20% from the total fund and conclusively, marketing will obtain 10% from the total fund.

The Batmine profit allocation will be done according to the following below;

  • Company development and team rewards 17%
  • Hardware repair and replacement 33%
  • Profit sharing for silent partner investors 30%
  • Hardware development 20%

    • In conclusion, BatMine is here to actively provide reliable, affordable and profitable services to miners across world thereby mitigating the problems affecting the cryptocurrency mining sector. I encourage any individual to check out the project accurately and get engaged to earn profitably from the mining platform.
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    Whitepaper :

    BountyOx Username : Johnson

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