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There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms that work on the market, and most of them are centralized platforms, and some are decentralized. But with so many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, this does not make the cryptocurrency exchange market better. Issues such as transaction processing speed, high-frequency trading, security are still the focus of the cryptocurrency market.

Soraix will prove that in the future, private or public companies will be able to easily access financing through Soraix tokens and an exchange platform that is better than similar platforms that meet user needs.

Online crowdfunding is a new fundraising channel for startups and new projects. It features low entry restrictions, low fees, high speed, and thus encourages innovation. In recent years, mass financing of shares has undergone several changes, but some problems still remain unresolved in practice. Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed accounting technology that provides protection, transparency and data integrity, as it cannot be tampered with or tampered with. It is believed that this technology has exceptionally good capabilities in the financial industry.

The Soraix platform also offers corporate benefits, where it offers a fundraising feature that allows corporations to issue stock tokens to their companies. Using the tokenized assets method, this, of course, enables corporations to develop their companies and offer them to various users of this platform. Equity tokens issued by companies can also be exchanged with other assets on their platforms if they meet different rules and criteria in Switzerland before their tokens can be sold. This, of course, is a very good thing for all users of this platform. In addition to guaranteed security, corporations can also legally develop their business in accordance with existing rules. For more information on the platforms they offer, I suggest you read the white paper here; https: //

How Soraix Works

Soraix will also offer a wide network of stock tokens (issued by public and private companies offering their tokens on Soraix) that can be sold on the Soraix platform. Like the popular sharing platform, Soraix has created its blockchain technology. Which will significantly reduce costs and make operations more efficient. Soraix allows users to copy trading portfolios from others, so the user can increase their chances of making a profit from the cryptocurrency market. Just like trading platforms in general, Soraix has the functions of leverage, margin calls and swaps for experienced users. Users get the opportunity to share revenue through tokens issued by the Soraix platform.

Low pay is another great feature of Soraix. Cryptocurrency exchanges sometimes charge high fees for processing and transactions in the platform from their customers. This problem led Soraix to offer a solution for traders and introduced a new platform that charges low fees.

The Soraix platform is designed in such a way that traders will be offered unique trading tools and a good income distribution model. Investors on the Soraix platform will be allowed to exchange their capital for another or any other type of digital assets on the platform.

High level of trust and transparency, a good user interface are other features of the Soraix platform. A good user interface is an excellent feature of Soraix, in which both new and existing users can navigate through the Soraix system.


  • SRX = 0,00025 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 4 500 000$
  • Hard Cap: 24 000 000$
  • ICO: 26.08 - 24.11

project team

The Soraix team is professionals familiar with the cryptocurrency market. They know what the problems are and what a trader or investor needs. Especially for traders, Soraix is a place built by traders for traders. The Soraix team strives to adapt and adapt to the needs of traders. Every inch and user experience is much appreciated, so users can feel comfortable using Soraix.

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