Introduction :
KOI It is a utility token based on the Ethereum network under the ERC20 standard, created to facilitate P2P, P2C, C2C transactions and in the applications of our ecosystem. We build the true massification of the blockchain and our developments are aimed at taking advantage of its potential without the need for technology to do so.

KOI projects :
The projects related to the blockchain, for the most part, are aimed at people who have computer skills, excluding a large number of people who, either due to lack of knowledge or lack of access to technology, have not been able to take advantage of effectively all the advances that the blockchain offers its users.

Koi main idea is focused on the construction of a complete ecosystem to circulate our currency, involving different economic and social sectors, developing easy-to-use tools and access that allows users without knowledge to take advantage of the blockchain's potential. Our technology can be used for transactions P2P, P2C, C2C, for sending / receiving remittances quickly and transparently, for voting, courses and sports federation payments and many other applications.

KOI Cryptocurrency :

KOI currency consists of a token based on the Ethereum network, which is defined as a decentralized platform and on which smart contracts are executed, which are based on the ERC20 standard that guarantees interoperability between tokens. Our KOI Currency is designed to be easily interchangeable and to work in an integrated way with Dapps that use the ERC20 standard.
Additionally, we will develop a complete ecosystem where we will use our currency. The transparency of transactions is guaranteed since it can be traced in the blockchain, which is the public ledger of all transactions that occur.

Ecosystem :
The different projects that would support our currency are aimed at interacting with different communities, guaranteeing the use of KOI. This interaction between them, which today have an intrinsic trust among its members, will give us the security required to give value to our token.
The KoiTech Studio Projects were conceived by our Research, Computer and Technological Development team evaluating the different proposals of the current market and their weaknesses, to devise a congruent portfolio that will ensure the success of our KOI token, generating an Independent and Self-sustaining Ecosystem.


Electronic commerce:

At present, a company dedicated to providing payment gateway services must go through manuals, supervision processes and take time to verify. This process in the first place is carried out by the service provider and second by the financial institution that is responsible for transferring funds. The disadvantage of this process is that you always depend on a third party (in this case the bank) to be able to make transactions between banks, and that trade can obtain its resources.
For ordinary users, receiving funds from other countries is also an operation that requires time, in addition to losing money due to various exchange rates, bank fees, administrative costs and tariffs, and with all this still depends on banking interconnectivity.

Shipping and Receipt of Payments:
For ordinary users, receiving funds from other countries is also an operation that requires time, in addition to losing money due to various exchange rates, bank fees, administrative fees and tariffs, and with all this still depends on banking interconnectivity

Cryptocurrency Adoption for Sales Purchases / Payments:
There is a problem in adopting the use of digital currency for payments; this is due to the fact that most people don't know how to use the crypto-active wallet. The complexity of an address makes it impossible for someone to easily send an address, because it is a series of 32 characters or more in your wallet information, and this makes it impossible to remember or share. For this reason, many portfolios use QR codes, without the need to disclose their wallet address information.

Beneficiaries :
Koi target audience is all those who in one way or another are linked to any economic transaction, be it purchase or sale, transfer of money, national or international.
They do not exclude people who lack computer knowledge, nor those with few technological resources; What we leave aside is the complexity of technology in everyday use.

People without technology or without knowledge of Blockchain :

- Pay only with your iID and temporary password.
- Receive payments or transferences only with your email account on the platform.
- Storage of your currency, safe and reliable.
- Receive payments from abroad.
- Receive preferential tax credits

New people in Blockchain and with access to technology :

- Send and receive funds in different ways.
- Recharge your account through our website.
- Generate temporary access keys.
- Modify your profile in the POS.
- Perform votings in a reliable manner.
- Interact the other ecosystem projects

People with experience in Blockchain :

- Exchange our currency from our web platform.
- Buy KOI from exchange houses and assign it to KOI POS.
- Transfers between Koi POS and KOI Marketplace.
- Interact with our smart contracts to generate profits.
- Verification and audit of intelligent contracts.

Distribution of ICO :
The objectives of the projects are achieved thanks to the good distribution of the funds received through the preliminary sale of the currency, ensuring the basis of a self-sustaining ecosystem in the initial stage of our activities.

Distribution of KOI
Our greatest strength is the transparency of the activities and the report on the distribution and designation of capital.

Roadmap :

Directors of Koitech Studio :

Jesús Morán
Founder / CEO

Creative entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in web programming and applications for Android system fulfilling functions as director in multiple IT projects with international impact. Within his career he ventured for several years in the communication area; Today he is the Founder of Koitech Studio and a faithful promoter of the use of the Blockchain.
Professionally highlights its frequent contribution of innovation for the effective fulfillment of their responsibilities; is a motivator and promoter of peace, happiness and collective entrepreneurship; his personal goal is "to make history" and his greatest fortune is the Family.

José M. Márquez
Founder / CEO

Founder of Koitech Studio and owner of several leading companies in the field of web programming, 3D design, Marketing and Audiovisual Production, responsible for numerous successful ventures throughout his 21-year career, of which automation projects and Confidential technological advance for different Governmental Organizations.
Professional in the field of Computer Science and Visual Communication, characterized by the natural exercise of leadership is a person passionate about audiovisual productions, photography, martial arts and high performance sports, God fearing, respectful of life, nature and the individual ideals.

To contact KOI Tech visit our website: https://koitechstudios.com

Whitepaper : https://www.koitechstudios.com/assets/whitepaper/AF-Koitech-Whitepaper-en.pdf
Ann thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5117318.0

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