ZooomEx Cryptocurrency Exchange ICO Review


ZooomEx – Exchange and represented the lowest trading commissions on the market! Leverage is open to all trade operations! Zooomex not result from the client, as well as creating a convenient platform, which will facilitate the transaction! As of September, the Committee on Commerce 0%! Next, it will increase the very low, therefore, you will not even notice! They are the first step! You will not find anything like this on the market!

This trading exchange platform uses highly sophisticated technology to protect users from hacking and theft, by prioritizing high security, which has been technically tested for penetration making it the highest security market. In addition, they also focus on customer service by understanding that users want the speed of response to their requests as well as the main factor found in their market. By combining various advantages and features, it makes it one of the best cryptocurrency platforms available today.

What do we offer?

Instead we, you will have the chance to win prizes, with a little effort, we will develop with good prize money a lot of new things! We present our first game! Contest initiative bidder!

This trade, which will hold a tournament or specified by the developer community, and sign up for the game began a few days ago. You need to race in the corresponding week of the per-registration.


Poorly equipped encrypted exchange there. This causes major problems, loss, and unnecessary stress.

poor customer service from the traditional exchanges. It takes the average exchange rate complaint days to respond to customers there.

ZooomEx Solutions

ZooomEx brings a powerful solution to meet the everyday needs of the market traders cryptocurrency. Our team includes experienced cryptocurrency established many personal belongings strong. our exchanges build with high-security standards tested with the safety of customers funds in mind. Our customer service is second to none.

What is ZXE Token?

ZXE is a Cryptocurrency token that use Ethereum Blockchain technology (ERC-20) and in broad outline, these tokens will be used for various transaction processes that occur on their Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This token can also be used to reduce the fees required when trading. In addition, the ZXE holders get various other benefits such as daily lottery held every day for holders or receive bonuses from Candy Airdrop before entering the market. If you interested, you can visit their official website here: https://www.zooomex.com

Benefits Using ZooomEx

Our market is built on top of the machine, can process more than 1 million orders per second, you will not have lag or network congestion problems.

Zooomex began work on trade, following coins: BTC, ETH, LTC, ARCT, ZXE.

We offer WEB client itself to be traded on the stock exchange

Initial support in the United Kingdom, Russia and China offered. In the future, will increase the number of supported languages

Zoomex will be received by the placement of small capital projects under special conditions, is an important part of the project and related her own customer base. Placed in the project submitted To the stock exchange, will be monitored carefully if fraudulent activity is detected or signs of serious violations, the project will be issued

Slow Trade Commission, which will reach only 0.05% of the transaction. Not everyone can offer such conditions. Our goal – to develop at their own expense, rather than exciting. For the owner of The token and ARCT ZXE Trade Commission will be reduced. Terms and conditions will be announced at a later date

Token Sale Details

Token Name: ZXE
Type: Utility
Platform: Ethereum
SoftCap: 400,000 USD
HardCap: 1,200,000 USD
Price: 1 ZXE = 0.03 USD
Country: Russia


Token distribution as much as 10 million ZXE tokens will be distributed for pre-sales whereas for Initial Exchange Offering itself will be allocated as much as 40 million tokens,50 million to Foundation,20 million for bounty and airdrop programs, promo 10 million and For Team as many as 20 million tokens to be allocated.

In connection with the invention of the recently ZooomEx Cryptobirth, we decided to completely cancel the trading costs for the operation! Completely-this is 0% for the operation! The Program will take place until September 2019, so we plan to be a crypto exchange with one of the lowest trading commissions of all that is represented in the market! After refilling your balance, you can immediately start trading on the ZooomEx exchange. We remind you that the Commission is 0% of the transaction amount!

To go to the trade, you can search for a matching pair from the main page, or go to the Exchange section in the top left corner of the exchange. Next, select the pair and use the Buy/Sell window on the market, or use a limit order. In a limited order, you can specify the value of the purchase or sale of coins required and the amount.


Their exchange platform may be one of the exchanges that we really need at the moment, By using high security standards and also an easy-to-use User interface this certainly gives it more value than its competitors. In addition, it also prioritizes the satisfaction of its users by providing responsive services, of course this is a very necessary thing. The last thing is the benefits obtained when being holders of their native tokens, from lower fees and various bonuses. I am very exciting to keep up with the development of this exchange platform, I hope everything goes smoothly.

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