WINBIX Marketplace - How it works complete overview

About WinBix:

WinBix is a marketplace platform that aims to create new channels for sales, allowing participants to sell items at the offering price at any time.

The system uses a reverse auction model. The price of the item decreases until one of the participants stops the auction. The first buyer who stopped the auction, won.

Bidding and lower prices are determined by the WinBix system using a special algorithm that takes into account seller requirements, the number of participants in the auction, the results of previous rounds and other factors. Thanks to this algorithm, it is not possible to predict how the auction will proceed.

DAICO => Innovative Fundraising Model:

DAICO is a new fundraising model suggested by Vitalik Buterin, creator of the blockchain Ethereum. It combines the advantages of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and classic ICO.

The WinBix team decided to withdraw tokens to the market through the DAICO procedure to minimize risks for investors and also to make the fundraising and expenditure process transparent and safe.

One great favorable position of this innovation is the decentralization which it offers to the entire environment. Decentralization has tackled loads of issues influencing every one of the divisions referenced above and this is the reason whichever undertakings and organizations that need to succeed need to receive this extraordinary innovation. Due to the uniqueness of this innovation is the motivation behind why WINBIX has embraced this innovation in its new undertaking.

I realize greater part will get some information about the importance of WINBIX and what precisely the task is about. I will take as much time as is needed in looking into the full subtleties of WINBIX venture and moreover what it has come to offer the biological system.

WINBIX is a commercial center created for shippers around the world in which individuals can undoubtedly exchange at their very own comfort without the contribution of any outsider, association of government specialists. I realize you may have been asking yourself how this can be made conceivable without the inclusion of outsider. Be that as it may, the basic truth is that it is really conceivable to exchange without the inclusion of outsider in which this is actually what WINBIX venture has come to offer using blockchain innovation. As I have said before on, blockchain innovation has come to offer decentralization in which no outsider administrations required before any arrangements can be finished.

DAICO from WinBix has its own features

Among them are:

  • TAP, which is the monthly financing of the project.
  • To change TAP is only possible through voting.
  • Each participant has the possibility to withdraw from the project unilaterally and return the remaining portion of the funds that are not used in return for the tokens obtained.
  • Burning coins from all unsold tokens.

Therefore, we can argue that WinBix project tokens have resources in the form of cash balances on smart contracts.

Something else to consider about WINBIX venture is the buyback and consume program which the groups have brought into the stage. WINBIX will repurchase the token with 100% benefits produced from the commission charges in which all acquired token will be annihilate and consumed.

WINBIX token-deal is continuous in which financial specialists can without much of a stretch purchase the token using WINBIX brilliant contract address. By and by, Pre-DAICO is continuous in which early speculators will almost certainly purchase the token at a lesser value different financial specialists that purchased later. Holding of WBX token will permit the speculators approach various rewards in the stage.

Token Infomation

Token Type: RC20
Blockchain Network: ETHEREUM
Token Symbol: WBX

Token distribution
Allocated to Pre-DAICO: 27,500,000WBX
Allocated to DAICO: 155,000,000WBX

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Visit the Winbix website: sales system
  • Click "Personal account" and register.
  • Verify your email and sign in.
  • Open the "Airdrop" tab from your dashboard.
  • Now complete some easy social assignments to get bets.
  • New assignments will be added every week.
  • Refer your friends to get 10% of the bets obtained from your reference.
  • Be sure to send your ETH address to your profile.
  • Tokens will be distributed proportionally from the total airdrop value depending on your bet after the ICO.

For more information, please follow the site below:

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