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The whole blockchain revolves round the use of cash in some other way so all of us in it has a position to play in making that viable due to a truth, the blockchain will no longer be defined to have absolutely gain it goals. The main goal is to attach the entire world with the digital coins it controls but to date, it hasn’t been able to achieve that due to one factor or a some other. the biggest picture is making crypto money an infinite version of cash with the intention to continue to be relevant for a long term use in all sector for getting products and services. ZEUX is consequently designed to make that a reality with out so much hassles on the way.

ZEUX project is an FCA regulated entity which has introduced its product and will formally introduce its operations in Europe in 2019. It has the main aim to roll out the services to the whole of the world in 2020. On the ZEUX, a client can handle the whole of their financial portfolios. Every deal using the wallet of ZEUX will be performed in an atmosphere which uses the cyber system protection protocols. With the assistance of ZEUX, all can be done with just a few taps.


Today, everyone needs a sophisticated application on their smartphone to instantly and cheaply transferring funds (send and receive funds), paying bills, and investing in various investment instruments. Zeux Ltd. then creates the Zeux app along with the ZeuxCoin (ZUC) utility token to integrate all financial functions in the smartphone

Zeux aims to help customers to protect and gain full control of their personal data while facilitating access to all personal financial services and making it more accessible for the everyday user to invest, to monitor different investments and to spend and invest in the crypto world.


Zeux aims to help customers to protect and gain full control of their personal data while facilitating access to all personal financial services and making it more accessible for the everyday user to invest, to monitor different investments and to spend and invest in the crypto world.

Mobile Payments in Fiat and Crypto using NFC

  • Instant virtual Visa payment card
  • Secure KYC and conierge service
  • Utilising Zeux’s token gives reduced account opening fees, transaction fees
  • Manage full financial portfolio for Fiat and Crypto
  • Aggregated platform to all access to all financial services

ZEUX platform is right here to make products and services easy to get through crypto coins and not simply to leave the coins to a few that knows the way to use them best. that is what will make all types of price accomplished through mobile phones best conducted. We name that mobile payments through cryptocurrencies and that has an advantage of being performed from any part of the world or region of the users irrespective of what place they’re in. users will be able to pay or transfer cash via different pay medium on the phone like through the apple pay, Samsung pay and even through Google pay. it could be achieved using both Fiat or digital cash. all of the actions are therefore of a decentralized method and happens with few clicks on. protection is assured and all of the features are made to be aligned with the regulation that is set to control the activities within the surroundings.

ZEUX platform :

While you’re on the ZEUX platform, you’ll be capable to handle your economic portfolios effectively. But this is not all as the firm has assured that entire the deals that are carried we will be completed in a very secure environment, that has been proved to meet the safest market standards, one which has been designed to use the most advanced cyber system safety protocols that you can find in the market. The ZEUX platform will be in position to offer safe Smartphone payments that can be simply be applied for both fiat and digital asset deals, it can also be applied on the decentralized cash move, simple access to the many digital assets and conventional investments access too many accounts, having a safe secret data vault for all user and not forgetting the KYC concierge to assure all consumer enjoys risk free account opening experience.


With the ZEUX platform, you will see and manage the entire of your financial accounts, in a place without any issue. And with Artificial Intelligence helps will purpose the correct investments for you based on all your preparation of threat, including the ciphers.

When clients instruct ZEUX platform to open a new economic account with the specific provider, the ZEUX concierge service will place the app on behalf of the client and facilitate the procedure of sharing KYC has stored on the block and a link to her – his individual data vault. This’ll widely eliminate account onboarding time for the clients. In addition, when one more economic organization completes confirmation of KYC 15 docs, a record of hash confirmation will be added on the block. Future firms might use the older confirmation data and focus on checking new data which will exactly eliminate business admin burden and speed-up knows your customer procedure. Entire client’s data will be completely encrypted. Just customer will have the individual codes to access this content and the right to share with service givers.

ICO details

The platform is strengthen to a degree that it routinely knows how to make customers use unique items even if it calls for them to open a new profile with which they can afterwards use in making payments with lesser charges. All users can have an possibility to apply the virtual broadcast feature of the platform each day for the purpose of creating complete payment process from their devices through the software that may be best used for the motive and then trading may be endorsed as quickly because the ZEUX token gets launched.


More information:

Website: https://www.zeux.tech
Whitepaper: https://www.zeux.tech/assets/PDF/ZEUX-White-paper-Eng.pdf
Telegram Community: https://t.me/zeuxapp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZeuxApp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ZeuxApp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZeuxApp
Medium: https://medium.com/zeux


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